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Impressum Mädchen Radschlag
Impressum Mädchen Radschlag

Our Mission


Why we do what we do

Every mission needs a vision - This is ours!

Frau springt von kleinem Fels in türkis blaues Wasser

We want to create memories

The best Memories of a Lifetime.

Camper trips mean adventure, freedom and nature.
We want to make this joy accessible to as many people as possible and create memories that will last forever.
Vater und Tochter unterwegs mit dem Camper - taking a break

Cool. And how?

Making Life an Adventure. For Everyone. Everyday.

We work every day to make camper trips even better. Easier, more flexible, safer and more individual. To this end, we think of camper trips holisticly: we offer planned trips for the road and are constantly working on our service, prioritizing the quality of the vehicles and making pickup and return as effortless as possible. We want to be a place for nature, fresh air, new experiences and uncertainty. A place where you can surpass yourself. For a little more adventure in everyday life.

Why Off?

Because being off has never been more important! In our everyday lives, we are always online, always available, always on the go. This makes the rare off moments aeven more special and more important. Being off means slowing down, focusing on the essentials and recharging your batteries.

  • Off is outside

    Outdoors, beyond known boundaries and outside the comfort zone. Off is all about small moments that feel big.

  • Off is authentic

    Off is all about realness: authentic camping experiences and adventures. Completely unembellished, messy, self-ironic and honest.

  • Off is for everybody

    Camping is as personal as traveling itself, as individual as the route and the places we visit. Off is about memories that are unique.

  • Off is best ranked

    Camping is as individual as the traveler, the route and the pitch. Off is about memories that only exist once.

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