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Nahaufnahme von einem Hund vor einem Off Camper
Nahaufnahme von einem Hund vor einem Off Camper

Camping with your dog

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Holidays are always the best time of the year! Of course you don't want to go without your four-legged friend! A camping trip with your dog requires a lot of planning but it also has some advantages. We'll give you more information on this.

In order to start your holiday with your dog, you should first make sure that your four-legged friend fulfils all the requirements for entering your holiday country. In some EU countries a rabies vaccination should be more than three weeks old at the time of entry. There 's also a pet passport requirement for your dog and it must be identified by a microchip.

Where to spend your holiday with your dog?

Which travel destination you should choose is always the most complicated question when planning. Your dog likes it best in places where he can discover new things and has plenty of space to play. A holiday at the Baltic or North Sea is a good choice for this. But a hiking holiday in the mountains or in dog-friendly places in southern Europe is also great for you and your dog. There are lots of dog-friendly campsites in Europe that are perfect for a holiday with four-legged friend and your camper van.

On the road

Before the trip, you should make sure that your dog is used to long car journeys so it's best to take a few weeks before your trip and get your companion used to long car journeys. After each successful journey, give him a treat and soon he'll be used to the new situation. You should also give him the opportunity to explore his new home in peace before you set off.
Your four-legged friend must be well secured at all times during the journey. Do not put your dog or others in danger. Also make sure that your dog has enough water to drink and allow for breaks during the journey for short walks and short relaxation phases.
Tip: If you do not feed your dog for two hours before the start of your journey, the risk of nausea is lower.
Ein Hund streckt seinen Kopf aus dem Fenster eines fahrenden Autos.

What should I bring on a dog-friendly holiday?

Our camper vans are already very well equipped but for a holiday with your dog you'll of course need a lot more. You should definitely pack:

Important documents

  • EU pet passport
  • Dog's travel documents
  • Dog tag with address
  • Copy of proof of your dog's liability insurance and insurance number
  • Vaccination certificate

Food and toys

  • Dog bed
  • Dog harness and lead
  • Favourite blanket
  • Sheets or duvets for the seats in the camper
  • Towel
  • Dog food
  • Dog brush
  • Toys
  • Dog waste bags
  • Muzzle (compulsory in some countries)

´Dog pharmacy`

  • Medication your dog takes regularly
  • Medication for nausea and diarrhoea
  • Ointment for wounds
  • Tick repellent
  • Tick tweezers
  • Sunscreen

Maintain routines with your dog

It's important for your dog that you also stick to familiar routines even when you're on holidays. Because dogs are creatures of habit as well. Give him the food he's used to and take his favourite toy from home. Walks at the same times also give your dog peace and security.
With all our tips, nothing should stand in the way of a perfect holiday with your four-legged companion!

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