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Ein Mann und eine Frau sitzen auf Campingstühlen neben einem Camper, an dem ein Fahrradträger montiert ist
Ein Mann und eine Frau sitzen auf Campingstühlen neben einem Camper, an dem ein Fahrradträger montiert ist

Minimalism when camping: sustainable and easy on the go

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Minimalism when camping: How camping can be combined with the philosophy of minimalism and why you should give it a try.

In a world characterised by a hectic pace and an abundance of options, more and more people are longing for a lifestyle that combines simplicity and sustainability. One way to fulfil this need for reduction and closeness to nature is minimalist camping. This form of travelling takes you back to the origins of camping and creates space for greater awareness of the environment and your travel experience.
The essence of minimalist camping lies in the conscious decision to take only the essentials with you. It is the renunciation of superfluous ballast in order to create space for what really counts: direct contact with nature, the freedom of being on the road and a deep understanding of one's own dependence on material things.
Ausblick aus dem Camper in die Natur

What is minimalist camping?

Minimalism in camping is a philosophy of life and a way of travelling that focuses on reducing material ballast in order to create a simpler and more conscious outdoor experience. The idea is therefore to take only the bare essentials with you and limit yourself to the essential elements in order to better appreciate nature, your surroundings and the journey itself.
Minimalist camping starts with choosing the right equipment. Instead of an abundance of gadgets and camping items, minimalists concentrate on lightweight, high-quality equipment. It is not important to have the right comfort items for every situation. Sometimes a 3rd generation folding chair is enough to enjoy the scenery. In the same way, you certainly don't need two different sets of pots and pans to provide yourself with food on your camping trip. Not only will you save a lot of unnecessary washing up, you will also enhance the outdoor feeling many times over.
Zwei Frauen lesend an steiniger Küste
Minimalism also means having less impact on the environment. Be it in the choice of equipment, the amount of waste or packaging that is saved. As a minimalist, you should always prioritise environmentally friendly materials. This applies not only to the camping equipment itself, but also to packaging and disposable products. When choosing products, it is best to make sure that they are durable, recyclable or biodegradable. The ´Leave No Trace` principle is also particularly applicable to minimalism. This means leaving campsites as they were found. When wild camping in particular, you should take great care not to leave any rubbish or other harmful items behind.
Minimalism can also be incorporated into your diet on your next holiday. Minimalism also focuses on the choice of food. Instead of stocking up on large quantities of processed food and carrying it around with you for your entire holiday, a road trip is an ideal opportunity to save money and shop much more consciously. Especially if you have several stages ahead of you, you have the opportunity to buy fresh products from the respective region. This not only saves on packaging, but you automatically ration better, which leads to less food waste.
Frau liest im Bett des Campers
When less is more: You're probably wondering how sacrificing comfort, facilities and equipment can make your holiday better. The saying ´less is more` is more applicable here than anywhere else. Active renunciation brings things back into focus that we are often barely aware of in everyday life. We all tend to fill every free second with content for our brains. Our smartphones almost automatically disappear from our pockets as soon as we sit down on the train and don't have anything active to do. This is exactly where minimalism comes in. On your next road trip, simply take that book with you that you've been meaning to read for ages and, in moments when you would otherwise reach for your mobile phone, pick up something to read instead or simply take a look at nature. So much happens there every moment and we don't even realise it because of all the distractions. Minimalism not only creates physical space, but also space for personal growth and the joy of simple things.

Just give it a try

By applying these principles, minimalists create a more intense connection with nature, reduce their ecological footprint and experience the liberation of unnecessary ballast. Minimalist camping is therefore not only a way of travelling, but also a way of life that promotes respect for the environment, mindfulness and the beauty of simplicity.

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