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Frau sitzt vor einem Camper
Frau sitzt vor einem Camper

Campers - Explanatory videos

Everything about your camper

Camping like a Pro

Our videos show you how to handle your camper and equipment like a real pro. From setting up the beds to changing gas bottles, nothing will be a challenge anymore.


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  • VW California rent


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In this short room tour, Sina introduces you to all the highlights of the Beach.


The Beach can accommodate up to 5 people. With cool box, gas stove and table, our space miracle is perfectly equipped for every camping adventure.

Stove & handling of the gas bottle

Sina shows you where to find the 1-position gas stove in the Beach and how to handle the gas bottle safely.

Cool boxes

So that you always have a cold drink at hand, Sina shows you how to turn on the external cooler.

Indoor table, outdoor table & camping chairs

The table in the Beach can be used inside and outside. Sina shows you how to set it up and where to find the camping chairs.

Rotate front seats

You can rotate both front seats of the Beach. So our space miracle offers plenty of room inside to sit together.

Pop-up roof assembly & disassembly

The pop-up roof of the Beach can be set up in just a few steps and two people can sleep comfortably inside. Sina shows you how it works.

Bed below - assembly & disassembly

The rear bench seat of the Beach can be converted into a cozy bed that comfortably accommodates two people.

Onboard computer & auxiliary heating

Via the on-board computer you can see the charging level of your on-board battery, control the lights and switch the auxiliary heating on and off. In addition, the Beach is equipped with a modern driving assistance.

Lighting & Blackout

To make sure it's nice and cozy in the Beach, you can darken all the windows at night and regulate the lighting mood in the camper.

Camping Equipment

In the trunk of our space miracle is a box with cable drum, mobile gas stove, external water tank and other useful equipment. You will also find cutlery, crockery and everything you need for cooking.

Awning assembly & disassembly

To make sure you get some shade in bright sunshine, you can extend the awning of the Beach. However, this does not protect against rain and should be retracted in bad weather.

Power Connections & Fuse

The Beach has 12 V, USB and 230 V sockets. Sina shows you which socket you can use for what, where they are located and how to connect your camper to the shore power.


The diesel and AdBlue tank of the Beach can be found next to the driver's door.

Gas bottle change

You run out of gas on the trip? No problem! Sina shows you how you can easily replace the gas bottle.

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In this short room tour, Danie introduces you to all the highlights of the California - our Tiny House.

Storage space

The California has plenty of lockers and compartments so that you can safely store all your belongings on your journey.

Interior table assembly

There is a table in the spacious living area of the California that invites you to sit together. Danie shows you how to put the table away when you want to dismantle it.

Rotate front seats

You can turn both front seats in the California. This gives you a cozy seating area with living room flair.

Kitchen, Stove & Cupboards

The California's kitchenette includes a sink with a 110-liter fresh water tank and hot water, a 2-burner gas stove, a fridge and all the cooking equipment you need.
Danie will guide you through the kitchen and show you how to use the gas stove. More information about the gas cylinders and hot water is explained below.


The 70 l fridge also has a 10 l freezer compartment. In the video, Danie explains the fridge's modes and how you can control it.

Wet cell with shower, washbasin & toilet

Our California has a wet room with shower, washbasin and toilet. So it's just like living at home!


The toilet in the California is permanently installed in the wet room. Danie shows you how to handle the chemicals, how to read the fill level and how to empty the toilet cassette easily.
You should only ever empty the toilet into a designated drain.

Rear bed

The bed in the back of the California doesn't need to be set up at all. Simply place a sheet, blanket and pillow on it and you can make yourself comfortable.

Top bed assembly & disassembly

The bed above the cab can comfortably accommodate one adult or two children. Danie shows you how to assemble and disassemble the bed quickly.

On-board computer

On the on-board computer, you can see the fill levels of the fresh water and waste water tanks and control the lighting. The auxiliary heating and hot water are also controlled via the on-board computer.

Auxiliary heating & hot water

For the auxiliary heating and hot water to work, the gas must first be turned on. Danie explains how to do this and how to control the auxiliary heating and hot water via the on-board computer.
A few videos further down, Danie explains how to turn on the gas bottles in the rear. If the parking heater doesn't work, Danie has tips for you in the video "Parking heater and gas error message".

Lighting & blackout

Danie shows you how to control the lighting system in the California.
You can also darken all the windows in the camper with blinds. Take a look at how it works.

Camping Equipment

The California is equipped with plenty of camping equipment so that you are prepared for anything.

Outdoor Tables & Chairs

With the outdoor table and chairs, you can make yourself comfortable in the great outdoors. Danie shows you where they are stored and how to set them up.

Awning assembly & disassembly

The awning offers you protection from the sun and makes sitting together even more comfortable. Take a look at how you can easily set it up. Note: The awning offers no protection in rain and wind and should always be retracted.

Outdoor shower

The California has an outdoor shower at the rear. This is fed from the fresh water tank and is very easy to operate.

Diesel & AdBlue Tank

Danie shows you where the diesel and AdBlue tanks are located on the vehicle.

Power connections

The California has 12V, USB and 230 V sockets. Danie shows you where these are located and how to connect your camper to the shore power.

Handbrake handling

The handbrake in the California has caused a lot of confusion, but don't worry! It works like any other handbrake and Danie will tell you what to look out for.

Fill & empty fresh water tank

You can easily fill the fresh water tank with a hose and empty the water again in a few simple steps.

Empty grey water tank

The lever for emptying the gray water tank is located under the vehicle. Danie will show you where.
You should always empty the gray water tank at a gully or a drain provided for this purpose.

Parking heater & gas error messages

If the parking heater does not work, it will probably be due to one of the three most common faults. But don't worry, Danie will show you what the faults are and how you can rectify them.
E517H: One of the gas valves is closed.
E507H: The gas cylinder is empty.
E412: The window above the table is not closed properly.

Error code E632H

If the parking heater does not work and the error code E632H is displayed, Danie will show you how to rectify this.

Water pump runs continuously

If you can hear the whirring of the water pump even when the taps are closed, there is probably still a small drop on the sensor. Danie will show you how to fix the problem.

Frost protection guard - water leakage under the vehicle

If water is leaking from underneath the vehicle, the frost protection monitor has probably switched on. Danie explains what this is all about and what to do.

Onboard computer does not respond

If the on-board computer does not respond to your touches, you can usually solve the problem by switching the red main starter switch off and on again.

Step does not retract

If the step no longer retracts when camping mode is deactivated, you can use a broom to check whether dirt is blocking the step. Alternatively, you can switch the red main power switch off and on again or start the engine.

Onboard battery does not charge

If you are connected to shore power and the on-board battery is not charging, the plug under the driver's seat has probably come loose. Danie will show you how to fix the problem.


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  • Knaus Tourer Van Visual



Today we show you a short room tour of the semi-integrated Algarve. Sina explains all the main functions, from the bed to the shower to the cooking facilities.


Nadine shows you how to check the level of your on-board battery and charge it.

Gas & auxiliary heating

Where are the gas cylinders, how do you replace them, how do I use the gas stove and the auxiliary heater? Find out everything in this video!

Fresh water & waste water

You control the water system via the control panel. You will also learn how to fill up fresh water and empty waste water.


Nadine shows you how to empty the toilet cassette.

Lifting bed

You can easily assemble and disassemble the fold-down bed. That's how it works!