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Ein Mercedes Marco Polo Van mit Fahrradträgern steht im Herbst vor einem Feld.
Ein Mercedes Marco Polo Van mit Fahrradträgern steht im Herbst vor einem Feld.

Camper subscription - brief explanation

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Camper subscription, car subscription or long-term rental. If you want to rent a camper for a longer period of time and have already started doing your research, these terms will sound familiar.

If you want to rent a camper for a longer period of time and have already started doing your research these terms will sound familiar. They all describe the same thing: renting a vehicle for a longer period of time - and for a fixed monthly price.

When is it worth to get a camper subscription instead of renting a camper?

A camper subscription is worthwhile if you are not only travelling for a few weeks but for a longer period of time. At Off, you can rent campervans on a subscription basis for as little as 2 months; the maximum term with most providers is one year.
Ein VW California Ocean steht beim Überwintern in Portugal auf einer Wiese. Daneben ist eine Hängematte aufgespannt, ein Schwimmring lehnt am Camper.

What you can do with a camper on subscription

If you take a camper for a longer period of time you have countless possibilities and exciting adventures ahead of you. Whether you're on a sabbatical, parental leave or a long-term holiday. Your camper is your faithful companion in everyday life and on adventures.


You're on a break from your job in the form of a sabbatical? Then get in your camper and travel the world. Europe has a lot to offer and a camper is the best way to get to know countries and people. Portugal is perfect for a surfing holiday. There's also a large camper community so you're sure to make friends quickly. Scandinavia also has a lot to offer to campers!
Denmark's dunes have helped many people to forget their everyday life and sooner than you think, you'll have become accustomed to the Danish hygge lifestyle. If you want to be impressed by the forces of nature, you should go to Norway. The country is particularly motorhome and camper friendlyas standing freely is allowed almost everywhere.

Parental leave

Going on a trip during parental leave is a great way to get to know your new family even better. Camping with a child should not be underestimated but a good preparation is half the battle. If three or four of you are travelling in a campervan subscription, you should take a good look at the vehicles beforehand. Ask yourself what your requirements are: Do we need a wet room? Should there be a kitchen? Do we want to stand upright in the camper? Will the children sleep in the bed with us or should they have their own space? Once you have answered all the questions you can start looking for your dream camper.

Enjoy a warm winter

You don't want to spend another cold winter in Germany? Then simply move your home on four wheels to the south! Here, you can enjoy the freedom of van life as a digital nomad and of remote work to the fullest. Spain, France and Italy are perfect destinations in winter.
Remote work in a camper is less complicated than you might think. Many campsites have good wifi. Alternatively, you can use cafés or a mobile phone hotspot.

Everyday car

The camper subscription is like a camper rental for everyday life. You can use the camper to run errands, go on short trips at the weekends and use it for long holidays. Are you thinking about buying your own camper? Then you can try out the camper with a trial subscription and have all your questions answered before you make such an expensive purchase.
Ein VW Ocean Van steht in einem herbstlichen Wald, neben ihm stehen ein Campingtisch und -stühle, am Tisch sitzt eine Freundesgruppe.

Our subscription models

We offer a wide range of campers you can get with a car subscription. From the classic van to the mini camper van - choose the car that suits your needs best.

VW T6.1 California Beach Subscription

This space miracle is the perfect car for everyday life and adventure! The VW California Beach has 5 seats and 4 sleeping places. But if you like to cuddle up 5 of you can also make yourselves comfortable in the camper. Since the cooking area in the Beach is not permanently installed but can be folded in you have plenty of space to transport outdoor equipment and the like.

VW T6.1 California Ocean

With our Bulli you get the full vanlife experience. The van has 4 seats and sleeping places. In the built-in kitchenette you can comfortably cook and store food. So you're self-sufficient on the road but still flexible as the Ocean is pleasant to drive. This van is ready for any adventure!

VW Grand California 600

With our tiny house you basically move your home onto four wheels. The van is more spacious than the VW T6.1, you don't have to convert anything to sleep in and you even have a wet room with a shower and toilet next to the kitchenette. You get the comfort of a motorhome and the flexibility of a camper. The camper can be comfortably occupied by 2 adults and 2 children.

Car subscription with Off

With our car subscription you can get your own temporary camper and integrate it into your everyday life or adventure. You don't have to worry about anything except booking and refuelling. Our camper subscription has a minimum term of only 2 months and you can be on the road for up to 12 months. Prices start at €999 and vary depending on the season and camper model. We have summarised all the advantages for you.

All inclusive - except fuel

No unpleasant surprises with our camper subscription. Unlike leasing, we take care of the paperwork and all the important insurance and maintenance for the vehicle. So you benefit from all the advantages of a car and hand over the annoying work to someone else. It's all included:
  • 2,000km/month included
  • Availability of travel support from 8am - 5pm
  • Car comprehensive insurance
  • Car liability insurance
  • Car tax
  • TÜV, HU, AU
  • Garage service and maintenance costs.

Our locations

We have several locationsin Germany from which you can start your camper subscription. You can also make an appointment with our customer support if you would like to view the vehicles in advance.

Booking and prices of camper subscription

If you're a resident of Germany you can easily get the subscription via our website. You select your model and enter the start date and the duration of your subscription in months. Once you've submitted your booking request we'll contact you within 7 days to confirm your booking. And then it's time to look forward and experience adventure!
As with other subscriptions you pay a fixed monthly rate which is automatically deducted from your account. This way you can always keep an eye on the costs of the subscription. The monthly rate starts at 999€ and varies depending on the model and the time of year you are travelling. The subscription includes 2,ooo free kilometres per month. If that's not enough you can also book extra kilometres on top.
Eine Frau steigt vor einer Bergkulisse in einen CamperBoys Camper.

Travelling Europe with a camper subscription

Whether with your partner, friends, the whole family or alone. The camper subscription fits into every lifestyle and opens up completely new possibilities for mobility. You can use your camper as an everyday car or as a temporary home. Get the subscription and enjoy your adventure.

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