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Ein gedeckter Campingtisch vor dem Gardasee in Italien neben einem Off Camper
Ein gedeckter Campingtisch vor dem Gardasee in Italien neben einem Off Camper

Camping at Lake Como - Trip to Italy

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Ice melting in the sun, glistening water and a gentle breeze in the air, the smell of coffee and all kinds of culinary delights:

Summer just feels a little bit better in Italy. The dolce vita is especially enjoyable on Lake Como in the north of the country. Or how would you call it, walking around beneath palm trees, with a view of the historic buildings on the shore and the impressive mountain scenery in the background? Due to its location in Northern Italy, Lake Como is also the perfect destination for camping enthusiasts who want to enjoy Italy without having to travel too far. Everything you need to know about campsites and activities around the lake, you can find out here.
Der Comer See von oben betrachtet.

Campsites on Lake Como

Finding a campsite on Lake Como should not be a problem, as there are many small campsites along its shores. Not so easy to decide which one to go to! Maybe our recommendations will help you to make a decision.

Camping & Bar La Fornace

etween the Grigna mountain range and the lakeshore lies the small but beautiful La Fornace camping site. Here you can look forward to a pitch in nature, which is also very close to the water. Nearby are the towns of Lecco and Bellagio, which are definitely worth a visit. The special thing about this campsite: the site's own bar and restaurant, which will provide you with delicious Italian food and refreshing drinks.

Camping Spiaggia

In the best starting position for numerous excursion destinations is the campsite Spiaggia on the eastern shore of the lake. From here you can reach Varenna, Bellagio, Bergamo, Como and even Milan within an hour thanks to the nearby train station. But don't worry, active vacationers are also provided with information on climbing and hiking tours at the reception. The site's own bar, which provides you with breakfast rolls and Italian delicacies, and the environmentally friendly efforts of the site round it all off.
Zwei Menschen sitzen bei Sonnenuntergang auf dem Dach eines Campers.

Camping Gardenia

Very close to the former fishing village of Domaso the Camping Gardenia - a sunny place is - awaits you and your camper. A pleasant wind, the so-called Breva, blows from the south in the late morning hours, which makes campsites near Domaso the perfect spot for windsurfing fans - and for all those who appreciate a pleasant breeze on hot days. Besides the access to the beach and the terrace, where you can have a nice breakfast, the campsite also convinces with its green concept.

Camping La Breva

Small, family-run and right on the beach - at Camping La Breva you can relax and take advantage of the wide range of activities in the area. Whether sailing, swimming or hiking in the nearby mountains, especially nature lovers and sports fans will get their money's worth.
Eine Frau lehnt sich rückwärts aus einer Hängematte und lacht.

Camping North Wind

At Camping North Wind it is above all one thing - green! In the immediate vicinity of the lake, you can set up camp on the lawn surrounded by trees and enjoy a coffee at the bar with a view of the lake shore. This site also gets a plus point from us for its sustainable concept: the hot water in the sanitary facilities is produced with the help of solar energy.

Small villages, water sports & co.

On Lake Como you definitely won't get bored: Whether you are a sports enthusiast, prefer to spend your vacation exploring small Italian villages, or want to learn more about the region's diverse flora in the Botanical Garden, there is something to explore for everyone.

Water sports

Swimming, diving, kite surfing, sailing, stand up paddling and and so on - Lake Como is made for water sports activities of all kinds and a welcome change from the swimming pool. No wonder that around its shore you will find providers for various water activities. You are spoilt for choice between the Tabo Surf Centre, Wassersport Comer See, the Orza Minore sailing school and the funsurf centre.
Ein Segelboot im Detail.

Villages around Lake Como

Lake Como is also known for the fact that its shores are dotted with small villages and towns. From place to place there are different things to discover, but you can look forward to pretty alleys and lots of old town charm everywhere. In the colorful Varenna you should not miss the gardens of the villas Monastero and Cipressi, in the well visited Menaggio and Bellagio you can enjoy the Italian cuisine, and also the gorge of Nesso is definitely worth a visit.

Hikes and bike tours

It's not good enough for you to enjoy the mountain panorama from afar? Then throw on your hiking boots and discover the surroundings on foot! In the mountains surrounding the lake, numerous hiking and biking trails of varying degrees of difficulty await you.
Häuserfassaden in Varenna am Comer See.

Botanical gardens

For those who want to take a more relaxed approach, the Botanical Gardens on Lake Como are a good choice. Among the gardens of the countless villas on its shores, one is more beautiful than the other. Whether the garden of Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo, the rose garden of Villa Reale in Monza or the botanical garden in Bergamo - the villas and their associated parks are really something to behold.
Die Villa Carlotta am Comer See.

Let's go on your Lake Como camping trip!

The region around Lake Como has so much to offer. From sports to botany, there is something to enjoy for everyone. With our tips you are well prepared for camping at Lake Como. We hope you enjoy your camping vacation in Lombardy and exploring the surroundings!

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