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Handtücher trocknen am Off Marco Polo Camper
Handtücher trocknen am Off Marco Polo Camper

Camping toilet - possibilities, sustainability & co.

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That a toilet is necessary sooner or later durint a camping trip is quite clear. But not every camping toilet is compatible with the environment and nature. How it's sustainable, and what options you have for your trip with Off, you can find out here.

Anyone who isn't camping at a campsite with sanitary facilities or who doesn't want to rely on their cleanliness, will sooner or later have to deal with the subject of camping toilets before starting their trip. The range of camping toilets is larger than one might think at first and the decision for a product can be quite difficult.
To help you out a bit, here's a brief rundown of the most important things, especially when it comes to the categories and your sustainable options for camping toilets.

This is what you need to pay attention to regarding the camping toilet

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No matter what kind of camping toilet you choose, there are a few things you should keep in mind. To prevent unpleasant odors or, in the worst case, an overflow of your toilet, you should make sure to keep the intervals between your emptying and cleaning short. The recommendations for cleaning can vary greatly from model to model but it should take place after each emptying (with gloves!).
As a further preventive measure, it is advisable to purchase a model with a fill level indicator, especially for models with two different tanks.
When emptying, also make sure that the separating slide between the waste-holding tank and the toilet, which is present in many models, is closed before you remove the tank for emptying.
It also makes sense to invest in special camping toilet paper for your trip. It is characterized by the fact that it is quickly soluble and environmentally friendly. Both toilet paper and the camping toilet itself can be purchased in online stores, for example.

The chemical toilet

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Popular, but unfortunately usually not very sustainable: the chemical toilet. They are equipped with a flushing system as well as chemical sanitary liquids, which serve to decompose and neutralize odors.
Most popular with camper or van owners are the cassette toilets. Since they must be permanently installed in the vehicle, they are definitely the least mobile solution. They may usually be emptied at campground disposal stations, although some campgrounds prohibit emptying toilets with environmentally unfriendly substances.
Mobile chemical toilets are portable, self-sufficient and space-saving. The Thetford Porta Potti is probably the best known camping toilet brand in this category.
Many of the cassette toilets and portable camping toilets on the market now also feature biodegradable substances instead of environmentally harmful chemicals. So even those who choose a chemical toilet for camping have room for a little more sustainability.

More sustainable alternatives

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As far as sustainable alternatives to the chemical camping toilet are concerned, there are now fortunately some products. Companies like Goldeimer are committed to the environment with their products and campaigns and provide you with sustainable camping hygiene.

Dry toilets

Dry or compost toilets do not require chemicals (and sometimes even water) and are also usually smaller than their chemical relatives. Also in terms of price, you're clearly at an advantage with a dry toilet. In their use, they are very similar to the outhouse.
To neutralize odors and support decomposition, natural materials such as wood or sawdust or cat litter are dumped on the excrement. By the way, the whole thing must be disposed of in the organic or residual waste: simply burying it in the forest or similar is not allowed (for good reasons).
A dry toilet that works on a slightly different principle is the chopper toilet, which is also popular. The name says it all: excrement is chopped up and then ends up in the waste tank which is usually larger than in other toilets. This model also does not require chemicals but it consumes a lot of water and relies on a power supply. Disposal is usually done through a hose.

Finding toilets via an app

Free apps like flush, Toilet Finder or Toilet Scout (unfortunately only free for Android operating systems) show you public toilets near you on the go. The concept works best in larger cities but the apps also show you the best hidden public toilet in more rural areas.

Camping toilet on your trip with Off

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No desire to take care of a camping toilet yourself and accept high prices and delivery time? No problem. In the VW Grand California you are equipped with the built-in wet cell with both a toilet and a shower. When travelling with other Off models you can book the Porta Potti for 50€ extra - for trips with our Mercedes Marco Polo or Opel Crosscamp, however, due to space limitations, we recommend you rather look elsewhere for an alternative.
At Off we always try to take the most sustainable way. We are also currently working on a more sustainable concept for our camping toilets.

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