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Eine Frau badet in einem See, der umgeben ist von Wald.
Eine Frau badet in einem See, der umgeben ist von Wald.

Lakes in the Allgäu - camping recommendations

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Article from Take Me to the Lakes

Sparkling mountain lakes, meadows full of wildflowers and imposing castles against an impressive mountain backdrop: In the south of Germany, the Allgäu region hides a picturesque idyll.

The Take Me to the Lakes books take you to the most beautiful waters and accommodations near the water: 14 editions for different regions. For the 15th edition of the book series of the publisher ´The Gentle Temper` Off went on a trip through the Allgäu - always on the lookout for the most beautiful swimming spots. ´Take Me to the Lakes - Allgäu Edition` was published in spring 2023.

Through the Allgäu by camper

The best way to explore the diverse region is by camper. On the way - on panoramic roads between rugged mountain ranges and lush valleys - you can always stop spontaneously to enjoy the view with a coffee in your hand. Here you often hear nothing but the gentle rustle of the wind in the trees and the peaceful tinkling of cowbells grazing on the mountainsides, and if there is a cool body of water nearby, nothing stands in the way of the perfect dual summer day.
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Campsites in the Allgäu

Whether it's a luxurious wellness campsite, a quiet campground in the middle of nature or a camp site with a view - everyone will find a suitable spot in the Allgäu. For example, if you want to camp right by the lake and drink the first coffee of the day on the shore, you'll be in good hands at the Seewang campsite on the northern shore of Lake Forggensee.
For exploratory tours in the Ostallgäu region, the family-friendly Pfronten campground is located right on the Austrian border. Nestled by the Allgäu and Ammergau Alps, you pitch your tent on a large meadow or settle in with your camper. In the surrounding area there are many bodies of water, which are not far from each other.
Caution: If you are travelling in the Allgäu with a larger camper, you should do some research in the morning on where to find parking facilities for motorhomes. Some of the parking lots near lakes have height restrictions or are completely off-limits to RVs and campers.
In our blog you will find even more tips and information on hikes and road trips in Bavaria.
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A few of the most beautiful lakes that you can discover during your camping trip through the Allgäu region


Situated at an altitude of 940 metres on the forested Freiberg, lies the 18-hectare and 25-metre-deep Freibergsee. The water of the remnant from the Ice Age in the Allgäu mountains shimmers deep blue or Caribbean green, depending on the weather. The most striking feature of Freibergsee is the Heini-Klopfer ski jumping rail, which towers above the water on the southern shore. Parking is available either at the base of the ski jumping rail or to the northeast of the lake - from either parking option, you'll walk about half an hour through the forest until you reach the shore. Although Freibergsee is a mountain lake, the water here is pleasantly warm. At the natural swimming pool on the north shore, you can put down your towel on the sunbathing lawn, jump off the diving tower or rent a rowboat and explore the lake. If you like it a little bit quieter, look for a secluded entry point via the circular path, which takes you around Freibergsee in about 50 minutes.
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Lower Gaisalpsee

The Lower Gaisalpsee is a high mountain lake at an altitude of 1508 metres in the Allgäu Alps, which belongs to the nature reserve Allgäu High Alps. It is nestled in a dip between two striking cirque steps, which were formed by a glacier. The lake can only be reached via a hike that has a steep and rocky ascent, but is otherwise not particularly challenging. From the hikers' parking lot in Reichenbach and back again, it is about 8.5 kilometres, which can be done in 4 hours. Shortly before arriving at Lower Gaisalpsee, you can take a break and enjoy the idyllic view of the roaring waterfall on the rugged mountain slope and the lake behind it. If you're tough, you can jump into the water (even in summer it's not over 15 degrees). If you prefer a more leisurely pace, spread out your picnic blanket on the meadow on the eastern shore and enjoy the view before heading back down to the valley.
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In the Ostallgäu, there are not only beautiful castles to look at, but also some great lakes. On a trip to the area, a side trip to the Hopfensee north of Füssen is a good idea. The lake is one of the warmest lakes on the foothills of the Alps. From the end of May on temperatures are pleasantly warm so you can go for a swim here. The Alpine panorama that frames the Hopfensee is particularly beautiful - you get the best view from the north shore. While the lakeside promenade of Hopfen am See (also known as the Allgäu Riviera) is quite bustling, you can also find quieter swimming spots on the eight-kilometre-long circular path around the lake.
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Lake Forggensee is also located in the Ostallgäu region near Füssen. A five-kilometre-long circular trail leads around Germany's largest reservoir in terms of area, offering great views time and again. The view from the eastern shore is particularly beautiful; here you can not only admire the Allgäu Alps, which lie just behind the Forggensee, but you can see Neuschwanstein Castle in the distance. Around the lake there are many bathing spots with spacious sunbathing areas, so you can always find a place here. If you like, you can rent a rowing boat or SUP at one of the boat rentals or explore the Forggensee with the ferry that regularly sails across the water.
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Were these tips from Take Me to the Lakes able to awaken your thirst for adventure?
Then head out and explore the fantastic lakes of the Allgäu region on your own. Check out our campers here!

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