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Zwei Freund:innen sitzen vor ihrem Camper und betrachten den Sonnenuntergang über Albanien bei ihrer Albanien Rundreise.
Zwei Freund:innen sitzen vor ihrem Camper und betrachten den Sonnenuntergang über Albanien bei ihrer Albanien Rundreise.

Round trip through Albania - Albania round trip route & more

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We love round trips. A trip packed with the absolute highlights of the country? We're up for it. This time we've come up with an itinerary for a round trip through Albania.

Albania is still a bit of an insider tip when it comes to camping - but that won't be the case for much longer. The data shows that Albania is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. After all, you can find pretty much everything the nature-loving heart desires here: the sea, mountains and lakes provide the perfect setting for all kinds of outdoor activities. On a round trip through Albania, you get to see quite a few of the highlights that the country has to offer on a single journey. We have put something together and can now proudly present our favourite travel destinations in the country that lies in the heart of the Balkans.
Zwei Freunde sitzen beim Wandern bei ihrer Albanien Rundreise Arm in Arm auf einem Felsen und betrachten die Aussicht auf die Berge.

Camping in Albania - campsites in Albania, how to get there, wild camping & more

Before we start our round trip, there are a few very basic things to clarify about camping in Albania. Fortunately, we've already done just that. Here you will find the most important information for a successful camping trip - including tips on travelling, wild camping and some of the most beautiful campsites in Albania.

Albania round trip route

Albanien Rundreise Route bei Google Maps.

1st stop: Koman reservoir

If you set off from Germany in a campervan (or car) in the direction of Albania, you first end up in the north of the country. That's exactly where we start our round trip, at the Koman reservoir in the Albanian Alps to be precise. The roads to the lake can be a little difficult to navigate, but once you reach it, the adventurous journey is well worth it. The reservoir lies in a gorge and is surrounded by steep rock faces, which you can take a closer look at on a ferry trip across the lake.
Der Koman Stausee in Albanien. Alles zur Rundreise Albanien liest du hier.

2nd stop: Albania coast - along the sea to Ksamil

From the reservoir, continue towards Ksamil - and along the Adriatic coast via Durrës and Vlora. You will not only find beaches directly in Durrës, Vlora and Ksamil, but also outside the cities on your way south. For example, you can make a stopover at Gjipe Beach or Buneci Beach on the way, or at any other of the numerous beaches on the Albanian Riviera. Despite the location right by the water, you can even stand on some beaches for a low price, for example at Buneci or Borsh Beach. Although Ksamil is primarily a seaside resort, you will of course also find plenty of restaurants, shops etc. here.
Some campsites right on the coast
Das Kap Rodon an der Albanischen Küste.

3rd stop: The Blue Eye 'Syri i Kaltër'

Our next destination (and one of our personal highlights) is easy to reach from Ksamil. The so-called Blue Eye (Syri i Kaltër) is a mountain spring in the middle of nature, which owes its name to its intense turquoise colour. The Blue Eye is located in a nature park, which you have to hike through for a while before you reach the spring. The hike is worth it, because not only the Blue Eye itself is very beautiful to look at, but also the nature park as a whole. If the water temperature of between 12-13° Celsius doesn't put you off, you can also swim in the deep blue spring.
As far as campsites near the Blue Eye are concerned, we would recommend Saranda Camping Riverside - the site has great reviews, is rather small and is located directly on the river and close to the sea. A little dream.
Das Blue Eye in Albanien. Ein absolutes Highlight bei deiner Albanien Rundreise.

4th stop: Gjirokastra

We continue to the beautiful city of Gjirokastra, the city of 1000 steps (thanks to its hillside location). The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts tourists year after year not only with its beautiful alleyways and buildings in traditional Albanian style, but also with a wide range of delicious Albanian specialities. Stroll around and then fill your belly? Sounds great, we think. Also worth seeing is the castle of Gjirokastra, which can be visited from the outside as well as the inside for a small entrance fee, and from which you have a great panoramic view of the city and the surrounding hills. Another tip for the best views and perhaps the most beautiful houses in the city: the Manalat neighbourhood further up in the mountains.
There are a few campsites in Gjirokastra that are rather simply equipped, but offer you a great starting point for exploring the city and have everything else you need. Whether Parking & Camping Ksera, Ora RV Camping or Family Camping Gjirokastra - choose one and you're ready to go.
Moschee in Gjirokastra in Albanien.

5th stop: The Lumi Vjosa

Europe's last wild river, which is now a national park in its own right and whose entire course is protected, is of course a must-see on our journey through Albania. While the Vjosa has its source in Greece, it also meanders for 192 kilometres through the hills of southern Albania. Highlights for visitors to the river include the Vjosa River Bend viewpoint and, for the more adventurous among us, rafting tours on the river. Rafting tours start, for example, in the gorge of Këlcyra or from Përmet - as the Vjosa flows directly through Përmet, you will also find some natural beaches along the river. You can also go kayaking from Përmet. You can book your rafting or kayaking tour via Get Your Guide, for example.
For camping there is, for example, this pitch directly on the riverbank. Directly at Përmet you have it at the Albturist Ecocamp is really nice - the campsite also offers its own rafting tours and other activities such as climbing or hiking. Practical.
Rafting auf dem Fluss Vjosa bei einer Albanien Rundreise.

6th stop: The hot springs of Benjë & the Langarica Canyon

Towards the end of our round trip, we pay a visit to the thermal springs of Benjë and the Langarica Canyon. The hot springs of Benjë are a great place to relax, but they are a popular destination for holidaymakers in Albania, so they are often very busy, especially during the high season in summer. From the springs, you can hike further into the Langarica Canyon, but you should check the weather beforehand, as the water in the canyon can rise very quickly. If it has rained shortly before or is raining while you are there, a hike is therefore not possible. Even in spring, the water is usually too high for hiking. On the way further into the canyon there are other hot springs that are less frequented, and while hiking you have to walk through the river bed from time to time or even swim - so water shoes are a must. Walking through the whole canyon and back again takes quite a long time and is rather strenuous, but fortunately it's enough to just walk in for a while and then turn back in the direction of the Benjë hot springs.
Very close to the springs is the Vjosa Explorer campsite. From here, the springs of Benjë and the canyon are just a 20-minute walk away.
Brücke bei den Quellen von Benjë, ein Stop auf unserer Albanien Rundreise Route.

7th stop: Lake Ohrid

Even the most beautiful round trip has to come to an end - and we conclude our journey through Albania with Lake Ohrid, which is one of the oldest lakes in the world and is only partly located in Albania (the other part belongs to North Macedonia). You can swim in or around Lake Ohrid, go on bike tours or hike in the Pogradec nature reserve, or you can book a boat tour across the lake. The towns of Pogradec and Tushemisht are located directly on the water, where you will find beaches, cafés and restaurants.
The ARBI campsite and the Herges campsite are both located directly on the lakeshore and are both a good choice for your stay.

A few words in conclusion

If you don't have Albania on your radar as a travel destination, you're missing out. We can only recommend this beautiful Balkan country with its turquoise-coloured lakes and springs and historic cities to you and wish you a safe journey and lots of fun on your trip. Maybe one or two stops from our round trip will make it into your travel plans! :)

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