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Ein VW Grand California Van steht vor einer Bergkulisse, eine Frau geht auf die Kamera zu.
Ein VW Grand California Van steht vor einer Bergkulisse, eine Frau geht auf die Kamera zu.

Showering when camping - possibilities, sustainability & co.

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Are you wondering how you don't have to do without showers while camping? Here you can find out what options are available, how you can make the whole thing sustainable and whether our Off vehicles are equipped with their own shower.

In terms of the challenges that come with camping, hygiene is often at the forefront, especially for those new to camping. While sanitary facilities are available at most campsites, you're often left to your own devices when it comes to showering when wild camping or at poorly equipped campsites. What products can help and how to make personal hygiene while camping as sustainable as possible, we tell you here and now. Showering while camping can be quite simple!

Not all camping showers are the same

Frau duscht sich neben VW Grand California auf einem Waldparkplatz mit dem integrierten Duschschlauch ab.
Those who like it very simple, are also satisfied with a water bottle with a holey lid or the converted watering can - all others are spoiled for choice between different variants of the camping shower, which differ, among other things, in comfort, transport complexity and price.
Basically, we distinguish between two categories: Camping showers with and without a pump. The basic requirement for both models with and without pump is always a supply of water - for one person, depending on personal needs - you need about 20 litres for a shower. Those who can not or do not want to do without hot water are best served with electric or battery-powered camping showers or those that make use of solar power. Likewise, you should make sure to let the shower dry thoroughly after use to avoid mold and the like with all models.
A camping shower can be purchased on the internet, otherwise most stores for outdoor or camping articles also have camping showers in stock. If you go to a specialist shop, you have the great advantage of personal and individual advice - and save possible costs for shipping.
For additional privacy, a shower tent can be purchased. There are also different models as like with camping showers. There are free-standing offers like throw or pop up tents. If they are too bulkyfor you, you can choose a model which can easily be fastened at the tailgate. Since few shower tents are stable enough to hang heavy water bags they are mostly used in conjunction with electric camping showers, as always caution is advised here due to the proximity of water and electrics.

Pump showers

Die akkubetriebene Campingdusche mit Tauchpumpe am Heck des  VW California Ocean
The advantage of camping showers with a pump is that they come closer to the home shower experience and are more convenient for many campers. In addition, larger amounts of water can usually be delivered than by smaller bags without a pump. On the other hand, they are usually more expensive to purchase than showers without a pump and are bulkier to transport.
Among the simplest models of camping showers with pumps are hand and foot pumps. In these showers, as the name suggests, the pump must be operated manually by hand or foot.
Somewhat more expensive but also more convenient is the shower with the help of electric 12V or battery-powered camping showers with submersible pump, such as the one installed at the rear of our VW t6.1 California Ocean. For the start-up power supply is needed, which is fed from the vehicle itself. However, there are also electric models that are designed to be connected to the cigarette lighter.

Camping showers without a pump

Camping showers without a pump convince by their lower price compared to showers working with pump. In addition, they are the more mobile variant, since they consist only of a water bag and can easily be taken along in a backpack, for example. A disadvantage is that the water temperature can be regulated only conditionally to not at all and their softer material is more susceptible to damage.
Among campers, the solar shower is probably the most popular camping shower without a pump. It consists of a black bag that is filled with water and placed in the sun to heat the water. To heat the water to a temperature of 60 ° C takes about 1-2 hours - therefore spontaneous warm showers are not really a possibility. Also, with this method you are strongly dependent on the weather.
If you don't have an issue with cold water you can also be content with quite regular bag showers - these are the simplest among the camping showers, but still effective.

Sustainability during your shower

Frau sitzt unter Markise vor einem VW Ocean im Wald.
Camping should always be designed to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. No matter what type of shower you choose: You should never use harmful or chemical products in the great outdoors. Look for biodegradable products before you start your trip. Since some products do not guarantee that everything can be 100% degraded, you should still make sure that you use the products sparingly and use water sparingly. By the way, the same principle applies when you clean your camping shower during the trip.

Wait a minute - What's it actually like at Off?

VW California Beach steht in Berglandschaft mit aufgestelltem Dachzelt.
If you're on the road with a camper by Off you only have to look for a shower opportunity when you set off with our Beach or Crosscamp model. Except for these models, all of our vehicles have an outdoor shower at the rear - so if you don't have a problem with cold water you should be taken care of. The Grand California even goes one step further: In addition to an outdoor shower, a complete wet room including toilet and shower is available in the camper.

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