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Eine Frau springt im Sommer ins Meer
Eine Frau springt im Sommer ins Meer

The right sunscreen for camping!

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What to look out for when searching for the right sunscreen!

Summer is back - finally! Pack your swimsuit, get in the camper and follow the sun. Of course, one thing you should never forget is the right sunscreen! As beautiful as sunbathing and long summer days are, without the right UV protection, the hours spent in the sun can quickly turn into a disaster. To avoid sunburn or even skin diseases, sunscreen is of course a must-have on your next road trip. When it comes to sunscreens, it's not only worth looking at the ingredients for our own well-being, the environment is also grateful if you use sunscreen that is as gentle as possible. In our blog article you'll find out what exactly you should look out for when it comes to sun protection

How can I protect myself from sunburn?

The warm rays of the sun can be wonderful, but they also carry the risk of a painful sunburn. Sunburn is not only unpleasant, but can also cause long-term damage to your skin. Fortunately, there are effective measures you can take to protect yourself.
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  • Sunscreen: Of course, the most important protection against painful sunburn. It is best to apply sunscreen to the most important areas of the skin early in the morning and make sure you have the right sun protection factor (SPF). The Federal Office for Radiation Protection recommends an SPF of at least 30 for children and 20 for adults. Rule of thumb: always choose an SPF that is too high rather than too low!
  • Avoid the midday sun: The sun is at its most intense between about 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Try to stay in the shade during this time and do not stay in the sun for long periods without any protection!
  • Wear protective clothing: Choose clothes made of tightly woven fabrics that can block the sun rays. Cover as much of your skin as possible, including your head, to protect yourself from sunburn/sting! The shoulders, neck and face should be well protected in particular. There is also special sun protective clothing with integrated UV protection that provides an additional barrier against harmful rays.
  • Pay attention to sun protection at higher altitudes and near water: The sun rays are more intense in high-altitude areas and near water. Be extra careful in these situations and protect your skin accordingly. Apply a waterproof sunscreen and remember to reapply it on a regular basis.
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What exactly does the sun protection factor actually mean?

The sun protection factor extends the time you can spend in the sun without getting sunburnt. Of course, the recommended time in the sun varies from skin type to skin type. Here you can find out which skin type you are. Fair skin types should not be exposed to the sun for more than 10 minutes without protection.
If you also apply SPF 30 on top, the time is extended to 10*30 = 300 minutes. Of course, it is better to reapply sunscreen after bathing, as the sunscreen can easily be washed away in the water. But be careful: reapplying sunscreen does not extend the recommended time in the sun, but merely maintains the protection!

What ingredients should you look for in sun creams?

Of course, sunscreen is a must-have in your bag, especially during the hot months. But are there also ingredients that might even harm us? And what about the climate and environmental compatibility of sun creams? We take a closer look at a few ingredients.
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Nanoparticles: These small particles are unimaginably tiny and are able to penetrate our skin barrier unhindered. The consequences of this are difficult to foresee. So look out for ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide when buying.
Microplastics: Many manufacturers add microplastics in liquid form to their sun creams to make them more supple. However, these microplastic particles end up in the water when bathing or showering, where they can cause unexpected damage. They are absorbed by aquatic organisms and thus pose a significant threat to their health.
Parabens: Parabens are used as preservatives in many cosmetic products, including sunscreens. They are controversial as they can cause hormonal imbalances and have been linked to allergic reactions. Look for paraben-free sunscreens.
Oxybenzone: Oxybenzone is one of the most commonly used chemical filters in sunscreens. It can be absorbed into the bloodstream and is suspected of causing hormonal changes in the body. It has also been linked to coral bleaching, which has negative effects on fragile marine ecosystems.
It is difficult to prevent sunscreens and their ingredients from entering our groundwater and seawater when bathing, as is the case with many other cosmetic products. The problem here is that some sunscreens are difficult or impossible for the environment to break down. Some of these substances are better known than others, such as microplastics or nanoparticles, but the list of potentially harmful ingredients in sunscreens is immense: polymers, PEGs, acrylates, octocrylates, benzophenones, mineral oils and parabens. The group of PFAS substances (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) is also considered particularly harmful to the environment. PFASs remain in the ecosystem for generations and are virtually non-degradable.
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There are many substances that are harmful to the environment and this can make it difficult for consumers to choose cosmetic products. But platforms like dermaplastik, Codecheck, BUND and Yuka show you exactly which ingredients the respective products contain and point out substances of concern. A good example? eco elio does not contain any of these substances and, with the exception of the UV filters, the sunscreen is completely biodegradable. We at Off also use eco elio to protect ourselves from too much sun. With the right sunscreen and a little care, summer becomes a real highlight!

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