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Ein Mädchen lehnt in der Türöffnung eines geparkten VW Ocean Campers, ihr Vater hat die Hand an der Tür und scheint diese offen zu halten.
Ein Mädchen lehnt in der Türöffnung eines geparkten VW Ocean Campers, ihr Vater hat die Hand an der Tür und scheint diese offen zu halten.

Vanlife: should I rent or buy a camper?

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#vanlife is one of the most clicked on hashtags on Instagram. But do all of them really own a camper?

Probably not. You can rent or buy a camper but which option is better for you? Here's our checklist on renting or buying a camper.

Advantages of renting camper

Ein VW California Camper Van steht auf einem Campingplatz am Gardasee mit geöffneter Tür.

No ongoing expenses

If you were to buy a camper yourself, it might just sit in the garage for months, eating up tax and insurance costs. It also loses value even though you don't really use it. It makes little sense to pay for a van 365 days a year if you only use it for 25 days.

No space problems

Especially in Munich but also in other larger cities one thing is particularly rare: parking spaces. And rightly so. 12.6 percent of the Munich area is occupied by parked cars. Parking spaces are occupied by vehicles that are only used to drive around for an hour a day and maybe a holiday once in a while. Is anyone still upset about rent prices? And let's not even get started on the CO2 pollution caused by cars in the city. In short, you not only save yourself the stress of looking for a parking space when you rent a camper but you also do something good the environment.

Extravagance and no obligation

You can enjoy vehicles that are individually equipped and comparatively inexpensive. Because a van with our equipment is as expensive some new homes. Even if you lease a van it'll lose value while you're still paying off the purchase price.

Always insured

You don't take any risks with our campers. If you can't even start your journey or get into an accident on the road our insurance partners will cover you, if you want to. Just have a look at our through our insurance services. You don't have to worry about TÜV, inspection and maintenance either.

Uncomplicated and not a lot of work

Renting a camper is very simple: you enquire, sign the rental contract, pick up the camper and off you go. There's even an advantage when you return from your holiday. Everyone can imagine that it is a lot of work to clean a mobile home. With us, all you have to do is return it clean-swept.

Equipped according to your wishes

Are you a slackliner, a climber or a small family? We adapt our camper equipment to your individual needs. If you wish, we can also include a hammock, longboard or SUP, bike rack or dog bed. Just have a look at our bookable equipment options.

Maximum flexibility

If you'd rather stay in a hotel or use your tent on your next holiday - that' not an issue. By renting, you save yourself the obligation to use the camper just because you have it. Those were a bunch of clear advantages for our campers now. And a lot of self-praise, yes we admit it. But of course we're honest: There are also disadvantages, no question. We've collected them as well:

Disadvantages of renting a camper

Zwei Opel Crosscamp Vans stehen geparkt neben einer Küstenstraße. Eine Freundesgruppe sitzt davor an einem Campingtisch und scheint zu frühstücken.


Yes, we did just mentioned flexibility as an advantage. Nevertheless, we are honest: Being super spontaneous is more difficult with a rental camper, of course. It can be the case that no vehicles are available at the time you want to travel. In this case, you either have to cut back or choose a different travel time. When renting, it's therefore advantageous to either book as early as possible or be flexible.


Approximately 120 euros per day in the peak season and 85 euros in the low season - that's not a small amount of money. We can't decrease our prices, otherwise we wouldn't be able to provide you with this service. So, you have to save money for your trip with the camper just like for any other holiday.


As you can see, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages on our list outweigh the disadvantages. Nevertheless, everyone has to weigh things up for themselves and ask themselves two important questions:
  • How many trips have you taken with a camper so far?
  • How often - on average per year - do you plan to go on camper trips in the future?
If you're someone who likes to head for the mountains every weekend then it probably makes more sense for you to buy a van. But if you're the kind of person who wants to take one special holiday a year in a very uncomplicated way and experience the ultimate feeling of freedom, then our campers are the right choice for you. And we're looking forward to hearing from you!
At the end of every camper season we're selling our fleet. You can find information on what to look out for when buying a camper in our blog article ´Buying a VW bus - what you should pay special attention to`.

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