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Hund der aus dem Autofenster sieht
Hund der aus dem Autofenster sieht

Camping with your dog: tips for an ecological pawprint

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Here are 8 tips for your camping trip with your dog. With these tips on safety, planning, hygiene and a packing list, camping with your dog will be perfect!

Extended rambles through green meadows and dense forests, refreshing swims in the nearby bathing lake or romping on the beach - camping holidays are made for dogs and their owners. Whether in the mountains, by the picturesque sea or in the vast forests, a camping adventure is a wonderful experience for humans and dogs alike. It creates unforgettable memories and offers the opportunity to discover nature together.
But how can we best prepare for our camping trip with our dog, protect the environment at the same time and preserve our nature as is? Here are 6 valuable tips to make your trip with your four-legged friend safe, enjoyable and environmentally conscious.
Ein Hund ist dicht an der Kamera. Im Hintergrund sieht man einen VW Grand California Van vor einer Bergkulisse.

How can you enjoy perfect camping trip with your dog?

1. Choosing the perfect destination

The holiday destination is always the most complicated question when planning. Your dog likes it best in places where he can discover a lot and has plenty of space to play. A holiday at the Baltic or North Sea is a good choice for this. But a hiking holiday in the mountains or in dog-friendly places in southern Europe is also great for you and your dog.

2. Other countries, other dog rules

Before setting off on an adventure, thorough planning is essential. Find outwhether your dog is welcome at your destination. This applies to Germany as well as abroad. Especially owners of so-called ´listed dogs` should definitely find out whether their four-legged friend is allowed to enter the country and different places before their trip
In some EU countries, for example, a rabies vaccination should be more than three weeks old at the time of entry. There is also a pet passport requirement for your dog and it must be identified by a microchip. This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy your trip without any stress.

3. Find dog-friendly campsites

Before choosing a campsite, make sure that dogs are allowed. Dog-friendly campsites often offer idyllic natural settings and extra amenities for you and your furry companion. These may include: A dog shower, dog playground, free poop bags, or specially designated beach areas where your dog can splash and freshen up. Booking in advance can also be beneficial to ensure there are enough dog-owner spaces available.
There are several dog-friendly campsites in Europe that are perfect for holidays with your dog in a camper.

4. Get your dog used to the vehicle

Some dogs feel uncomfortable or anxious in the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to get your dog used to the vehicle in advance. Start with short trips and gradually increase the duration. If possible, reward your dog with a treat or healthy snack during the journeys to create a positive connection with travelling.
Hund sitzt vor dem Zelt

5. Safety first

Securing dogs while driving: Your dog's safety is a top priority. Secure him in a well-ventilated area in the camper or use a special dog safety harness or transport box. This minimises the risk of injury and allows you to concentrate on the road.

6. Plan for breaks

When planning the route, allow for sufficient breaks for your dog. Choose rest areas with green spaces where your dog can relieve himself and take exercise breaks. Also consider your dog's needs in terms of feeding and drinking times and make sure he has enough water during the journey.

7. Cleanliness and hygiene

When camping with our furry companion, no paw print goes unseen! It's just part of the job to reach for the cleaning cloth a little more often to keep the living space clean. Stow toys, clean up dog hair and wipe up spilled water from the bowl.
A brush and high-quality grooming products such as ´Cocos Choice` shampoos support your dog's coat care. This will not only keep him clean, but also healthy and fragrant during your adventures in nature.

8. Keep routines for your dog

It is important for your holiday with your dog and camper that you keep to the familiar routine in other places too. Because dogs are creatures of habit as well. Feed your four-legged friend the food he is used to and take his favourite toy from home. Walks at the same times also give your dog peace and security.
Hund sitzt vor eat small Produkten

Packing list for a camping trip your a dog

  • Leash, collar and possibly muzzle, as this is compulsory in some countries
  • First aid kit for dogs (bandages, tick tongs, etc.)
  • Medication (if necessary) and veterinary records
  • Towels
  • Brush and shampoo.
  • Food, dentals and treats
  • Water and food bowl
  • Dog basket and/or dog blanket
  • Toys and cuddly blanket
  • Faeces bag and rubbish bag
Important documents for your four-legged friend:
  • EU pet passport
  • Travel documents
  • Dog tag with address
  • Copy of proof of your dog's liability insurance and insurance number
  • Vaccination certificate
Hund gibt Pfötchen

Let's think about nature!

When we travel, we should not only explore nature, but also actively contribute to its protection. Did you know that a dog emits an astonishing 8.2 tonnes of CO2 on average during its lifetime? And 90% of this is due to the
food is responsible for 90% of this. This impressive figure illustrates the impact our beloved four-legged friends have on the environment. It is therefore important that we are aware of this and take action. One way to reduce your dog's pawprint is to choose environmentally friendly products. For example the EAT SMALL dog food.
It is based on insect protein, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also rich in valuable nutrients for your dog. By avoiding traditional meat-based food, you can save resources and make an important contribution to protecting the environment.
Whether you're roaming through meadows and forests or strolling along a picturesque beach, with EAT SMALL dog food you ensure that your dog is well fed. Together you can enjoy your adventure in nature to the fullest and actively contribute to the preservation of the environment.
So pack your things and your four-legged friend - it's time for
unforgettable adventures! With our tips and environmentally conscious products such as EAT SMALL dog food and ´Cocos Choice` shampoos you should be well prepared.
Have a great trip!

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