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Three friends playing beer pong. In the background is a parked CamperBoys van and a tent.
Three friends playing beer pong. In the background is a parked CamperBoys van and a tent.

Camping at a festival: 5 things you should keep in mind

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Article from Amelie

Everybody loves festival season. A weekend away from everyday life, dancing, partying and having fun with like-minded festival goers!

But a festival weekend like this requires a lot of planning to be prepared for all contingencies. Where do I pitch my tent at the campsite? How far is my pitch from the festival site? What do I eat (apart from beer)? And how will I survive using the portable toilets?

Our 5 tips for camping at a festival

If you follow a few rules festival camping can even be quite comfortable. To make sure you're well prepared we've summarised below what you should keep in mind at the campsite and how to manage the toilet situation. We also have a few tips on how to become a festival gourmet and always keep your beer cold. Last but not least there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes and products.
Drei Frauen bauen auf einem Festivalgelände ihre Zelte auf.

1. Tips for camping

The right festival pitch

Finding the right pitch at a festival camping site is a skilful mixture of strategy, experience and luck. You should consider the following aspects.
Proximity to festival grounds: A festival campsite can be very big so it can take an hour to get to the festival grounds. However, if you're too close to the festival site, the party can be quite loud at night and deprive you of your already limited sleep. Here you have to set your own priorities.
Where not to camp: Avoid the direct proximity of portable toilets! There's always a lot going on and you don't want the bad smell in your tent. In addition to the official toilet you should also stay clear of "unofficial" toilets such as fences, barriers and bushes.

Tent or camper?

In a tent you definitely get the ultimate festival camping experience and feeling. Your tent is the only square metre of privacy you have at the festival. So make sure your tent is big enough for all your clothes, food and drinks. You should always have valuables with you and not stow them in the tent. To make sure you have a good night's sleep take a good air mattress and a cosy sleeping bag with you.
You'll be more comfortable in a camper than in a tent. It can be parked quickly and there's not a lot that has to be set up. In your house on wheels you have enough storage space for all your festival equipment and you don't have to lug it from the car park to the campsite. Another advantage is the built-in kitchen. You can store all your food and drinks (cold beer!) in the fridge. You have running water for cooking and freshening up and some of our campers also have a shower and toilet. campers also have a shower and toilet. The bed in the camper is also quickly set up, it is well tempered and you stay dry even in bad weather. Camping table, chairs and awning provide the ultimate flair in your camp!
Menschen am Festival spielen vor einem Camper Bierpong.

2. Toilets at the festival area

The topic of toilets is a big concern for many people before they go to festivals, because everyone knows the portable toilet horror stories. But don't worry, with our tips you will master this situation with flying colours.

Portable toilets

Close your eyes and get through it. Somehow they are a part of festivals. Our tip: The portable toilets are usually emptied and cleaned at night or early in the morning. This is your chance to go to a reasonably clean toilet after a night of dancing.

Petrol station

If you're prepared to go a bit further you can drive or walk to the next petrol station (depending on the distance). On the way, you can buy new drink supplies.

Camping toilet

Of course, the easiest and most comfortable way is to take your own toilet with you! There are several ways to do this. Either you rent a camper with a built-in toilet or simply add a portable camping toilet. Our Grand California is eqquiped with an entire bathroom with a shower and toilet. For all other camper models, you can simply book an additional portable chemical toilet. And the toilet problem is solved.
Mobile Campingtoilette Porta Potti.

3. Festival camping: food

A festival is not necessarily the perfect place to cook a big meal. All food has to be brought along, cooled and stored. That's why we recommend durable and filling snacks like crispbread, crackers and spreads for in between. You also need some vitamins at the festival! Carrots and apples, for example, are quite heat-resistant.
The classics at festivals are, of course, canned ravioli and 5-minute terrines. This is a nutritious meal that you can heat up quickly on the camping stove. The reputation of convenience food has not been the best for years but a lot has changed! There are now also canning dishes that are healthy and taste delicious as well. Our partner Nabio offers spreads, stews, bowls and rice sauces. Everything is made from fresh ingredients and preserved by heat and not the usual preservatives. The perfect products for your festival!
Another advantage of having a camper at the festival: you have a fridge to store all food items in. This way, things stay fresh throughout the festival and you have a wide selection of tasty treats with you.
Nabio Essen im Glas

4. The most important thing when camping: cold beer

The most important of all festival camping topics is chilled beer! Common tricks are to store drinks in a pit you dig yourself or to take dry ice with you. However, it's much easier and more convenient if you take your camper to the campsite. You don't have to carry beer around the campsite and you always have fresh and cold drinks in your fridge.
Zwei Personen vor ihrem Camper mit Lammsbräu Bier

5. Dancing in the rain

True festival campers don't shy away from any weather! There's a change of spending an entire festival in the rain. But good preparation is half the battle! It's best to pitch your tent on a plastic tarpaulin. This will ensure that no moisture enters from below. In general, you should always have enough PVC foil and gaffa tape with you to quickly fix holes in the tent.
If you want to be on the safe side and stay dry in any case then rent a camper. This way you'll have a solid roof over your head and not one single rain drop will get through.
And if the rain just won't stop put on your rubber boots and dance in the mud!
Zwei Freundinnen am Festival mit Regenbekleidung

Enjoy the festival and camping

The camping experience is simply part of the festival experience and usually nothing goes according to plan... which makes it all the more fun! So prepare as best you can and enjoy your next festival!