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Der Bannwaldsee bei Sonnenuntergang. Mehr zum Thema Camping Bannwaldsee liest du hier.
Der Bannwaldsee bei Sonnenuntergang. Mehr zum Thema Camping Bannwaldsee liest du hier.

Camping Bannwaldsee - campsites, activities & excursions

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Relaxing by the lake, excursions into the mountains and coffee & cake on the mountain pasture - a relaxed holiday at Bannwaldsee near Schwangau. Here you can find out where you can park your camper and what there is to experience around the lake.

Camping at Bannwaldsee - Campsites by the lake

Freunde sitzen beim Frühstück an einem Campingtisch draußen. Eine Frau streichelt einen Hund und hält in der anderen Hand eine Campingtasse.

Bannwaldsee campsite

There isn't a huge selection of campsites at Bannwaldsee - but according to the reviews, this isn't a bad thing because you can spend a good holiday at the two that are available.
If you follow the Münchener Straße from Schwangau, you will soon reach the Bannwaldsee campsite, which is located directly on the lakeshore. The campsite is equipped with pretty much everything you could need for a camping holiday and even a bit more:
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Laundry room including washing machines, spin dryer and drying room
  • Dishwashing room including dishwashers
  • WLAN throughout the site
  • Restaurant with café and beer garden, pizzeria in the Bannwaldsee Stadl
  • Shopping facilities directly on site, including homemade products and regional products
  • Facial treatments, massages and more in the Rundum schön salon
  • Bike and boat hire facilities
  • Lawn and bathing jetty directly on the lake
  • Children's playgrounds and children's/family programme in high season
  • Volleyball courtMotorhome service station
  • Dog shower
From the beer garden to a spa treatment and then cooling off in the lake? Sounds quite nice actually. You can find out more about what the campsite has to offer here on the website of the campsite.
Eine Person liegt beim Camping am Bannwaldsee in einer Hängematte, die zwischen zwei Campern gespannt ist.

Caravan park Schwangau

The Caravan park Schwangau is part of the Bannwaldsee campsite and is located right next to it. Although you camp a little further away from the various facilities of the campsite, you can use them during your stay. There is also electricity and a supply and disposal station on the grounds of the motorhome park. Camper Clean also ensures that your camping toilet is cleaned quickly and easily.

Activities & sights at Bannwaldsee

Swimming and water sports

The Bannwaldsee and its surroundings are a nature reserve, so swimming is only permitted to a limited extent in signposted areas. You will find bathing spots on its southern shore, right next to the campsite. Visitors also have to exercise a little restraint when it comes to water sports - SUPs have to stay at home, but pedalling or rowing boats are permitted. Not travelling in summer? In winter, you can also go ice skating and curling on the Bannwaldsee.

Hiking around the lake

There are plenty of hiking opportunities around the Bannwaldsee lake. This loop between Forggensee and Bannwaldsee or the Tegelberg loop are just two of many hiking routes. Those who like to walk a little longer can also set off on the the path to the Kenzenhütte and the Kenzen waterfall.
Eine Frau sitzt in der offenen Schiebetür eines Off Campers und bindet sich die Wanderschuhe. Lies hier alles zu Camping Bannwaldsee.

Buchenberg Alm

If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, a portion of Kaiserschmarrn and of course the fantastic view at the Buchenberg Alm, you can either put on your hiking boots or take the chairlift up in comfort. Here you can find directions to the alpine pasture.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is a well-known classic in the region - and always worth a visit. You can visit the castle from the outside only (the Marienbrücke is a popular viewing point) or take a guided tour to explore the interior. A trip to the castle can easily be combined with a hike through the Pöllat Gorge.
Das Schloss Neuschwanstein. Beim Camping Bannwaldsee kannst du prima einen Ausflug zum Schloss unternehmen.

Hohenschwangau Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is not the only castle worth seeing in the region. You can also take a guided tour of Hohenschwangau Castle on Lake Alpsee to see the inside, but another highlight is the castle garden, from where you have a great view of the lake and the surrounding forests and mountains.
Das Schloss Hohenschwangau. Auch dieses Schloss kannst du beim Camping Bannwaldsee besichtigen.

Off you go!

Once you've made your reservation at the campsite and booked your campervan, you can set off in the direction of Bannwaldsee. Whether you spend the whole day relaxing by the lake or are drawn to the surrounding mountains, we wish you lots of fun and relaxation on your trip.

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