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Pärchen sitzt vor Camper in der Dämmerung
Pärchen sitzt vor Camper in der Dämmerung

Camping in Sweden - Everything you need to know

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Northern lights, midnight sun, endless landscapes, untouched forests, islands, rivers and winter wonderland: Sweden is a country you would probably love to capture, in its entirety. Impossible? Not with a camper: Get the best travel tips for your trip!

Have you always dreamed of camping in the middle of untouched nature? Then Sweden is the right country for you! Whether it's a one-week holiday or a bigger road trip, Sweden has a lot to offer with its breathtaking variety of landscapes as well as its charming little villages and big cities! Learn everything you need to know here.

Explore Sweden by camper van

Everything you need to know!

Traffic, Rules and Regulations on the road

If you're travelling by camper on Swedish roads, you should know about some traffic regulations:
  • The speed limit in inner city areas is 50km/h and on country roads 70-90km/h, which is practically the same as in Germany, but on highways the speed limit is 110-120km/h, and violations are punished much more strictly than in Germany.
  • Distances are often given in Swedish miles, one mile is about 10km.
  • It is compulsory to drive with your lights on, even during the day.
  • The credit card is the main payment method in Sweden, EC cards are often not accepted, so it is important to make sure that your card is activated for Scandinavia before you travel.
  • Petrol stations are open almost 24/7, as you can refuel by self-service and pay by credit card.
Ein Roadtrip nach Schweden: Mit dem Grand California 600 auf verlassener Waldstraße
Just take a look at our sample route, maybe it's just right for you! Alternatively, you could use our Trip Planner and let our travel designers create your very own personal route.

Campsites & Costs

The variety of campsites in Sweden is huge: there are around 450 campsites and 75,000 parking spots provided by Sweden's holiday home and camping association (SCR Svensk Camping). But it gets even better as Sweden is Europe's cheapest camping country, according to a study by the ADAC (see PiNCAMP, 2022). As a family of three, you only pay an average of €37.40 for your campsite in the high season.

Wild camping & public right of access

Good news for all of you who want to fall asleep and wake up in the middle of nature, because wildlife camping is allowed in Sweden. The so-called public right of access means that land may be owned by individuals, but it must still be accessible to everyone. This means you can set up your tent almost anywhere. With a camper, your options are a little more limited, but you can camp on public car parks and even on the beach and, of course, on one of the countless campsites.
Die Mitternachtssonne in Schweden

Climate & Daylight

The country can be divided into different climate regions.
In southern Sweden, winters are short and mild and summers very warm, with temperatures up to 30°C. In central Sweden, winters can drop to double-digit temperatures, but summers are warm here too.
In the northeast, winters are severe and increase the further north you go. In the northernmost region of Sweden, it can even drop to -50°C. In summer, however, you can get lucky with temperatures of up to 20°C, due to the midnight sun.
In the months of summer, you can enjoy a lot of daylight. In Stockholm, for example, it only gets dark for about five hours and in the far north the sun never sets. During this time, you can make the most of your road trip, your sleep rhythm will probably be a bit out of balance, but with the right blinds in the camper or a good sleeping mask, nothing will stand in your way of a restful night's sleep. In winter, however, you will only get to see the sun for a few hours.
Die Polarlichter am Nordkap in Schweden

Endless natural landscapes and modern cities - Camping regions in Sweden

We are going to tell you which adventures are waiting for you in each region of the country.

The northern part of Sweden

In the north of Sweden you will encounter the endless arctic expanse of Lapland and untouched wilderness, which makes up almost 60% of the entire country and is only populated by 13%.
With its diverse landscape, mountains, forests, rivers and wildlife, you'll experience great adventures. Whether you're exploring the region in winter by husky or reindeer sleigh, watch the Northern Lights or go snowshoe hiking. By the way, the best time to watch the Northern Lights is from late September till late March, as days are short at this time.
Probably one of the most exciting events to witness in summer in the northern part of Sweden is the midnight sun, because from late May to mid-June you can see the sun 24 hours a day in clear weather conditions.
Wunderwelten aus Schnee in Schweden

The eastern part of Sweden

In the eastern part of the country, you find the capital, Stockholm. You should definitely check it out on your round trip. The city counts 14 islands that are connected by more than 50 small bridges, which create a very special atmosphere. The old town with its colourful little houses looks absolutely scenic.
From Mariaberget, along the Monteliusvägen path, you can reach Skinnarviksberget, a natural rocky landscape from which you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets with a panoramic view of Stockholm's old town.
On the east coast you will find a beautiful archipelago with idyllic beaches. Right along the coast, the islands are very green and vegetated, and some are even inhabited and serviced. On some islands you will even find campsites with good facilities, which you can easily reach by camper, others only by boat. Further and further towards the ocean, the islands become rough and rocky.
Öland, Sweden's second largest island, is one of the most beautiful in the country. You can easily reach the island by camper from the mainland by crossing the Ödland Bridge. In addition to the summer residence of the royal family, the island consists of endlessly long sandy beaches, historical buildings and small towns.
Schwedens Hauptstadt Stockholm

The southern part of Sweden

The south of Sweden, with its countless colourful typical cottages and wide open landscapes, is just like you remember it from your childhood books. More than 5,000 rivers and lakes, 200 kilometres of coastline, 400 nature reserves and several national parks will captivate any nature fan. Whether hiking, paddling or cycling, on your own or with the whole family and children, the south offers countless opportunities for adventures.
Malmö, the southern coastal city and the third largest city in Sweden is definitely worth a visit (and, practically speaking, very likely your first stop if you're travelling to Sweden by camper van starting from Germany). But don't be afraid of big city hustle, Malmö, with its many historic cottages, multicultural scene and diverse culinary offerings, is said to have a very laid-back and cosy vibe, combining modernity, tradition, art and culture.
If you want to relive your childhood memories, take a detour to the theme park.
Landschaft. mit Flüssen im Süden von Schweden

The western part of Sweden

And last but not least, the west, which is especially known for its more than 8,000 archipelago islands stretching along the coast for more than 280 km. These island landscapes are particularly attractive to passionate kayakers and canoeists. The eternal islands offer the best opportunities for paddling breaks, but are also the perfect location for camping in the middle of nature and right next to the water.
In addition to many small fishing villages, you will also find charming little towns like Marstrand or Smögen on the coast, and the lively metropolis of Gothenburg.
Schären Inseln in Schweden


Sweden is definitely worth a trip! If you have always dreamed of being in the heart of unspoilt nature, surrounded by the most diverse landscapes and only listening to the sounds of the sea, rivers and streams, isolated from civilisation and far away from everyday life, then you will find the place for relaxation, adventure and nature experiences in Sweden. But no matter what type of traveller you are, everyone will find the ideal camping holiday in Sweden. Camping also allows you to experience a mix of this, and the historic and charming small villages and big cities of Sweden, which offer you culture, tradition and culinary delights.
For travelling 1-2 weeks by camper, the south is a great choice, as it is the fastest way to get there from Germany. If you have several weeks, you can explore the different regions of the country in a relaxed way, depending on how you feel, because one of the best advantages of camping is still the freedom of being flexible and being able to decide spontaneously on where you want to go next.

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