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Ein Off Marco Polo Camper steht vor dem Meer auf dem Strand im Sommer
Ein Off Marco Polo Camper steht vor dem Meer auf dem Strand im Sommer

How to easily find a pitch - an interview with Max

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MyCabin is a platform for finding unique pitches in nature. We interviewed their founder Max.

Max is our guest in this podcast episode. Max is 28 years old and co-founder of MyCabin. In this blog article you can find out what MyCabin is, how the idea for the parking space platform came about and what the daily routine at the start-up looks like.

´An exciting idea for everyone who likes to be out and about`

MyCabin is a platform you can use for finding pitches. ´Here, backpackers or hikers travelling with a tent as well as a camper can find the perfect overnight spot` says Max. This way, wild camping is avoided and the environment is sustainably protected. In addition, Max tells us that the overnight accommodation options don't have to be newly built but existing land is simply repurposed. "It's practically like an AirBnB for campers" because not only do holidaymakers find accommodation via the platform but farmers or farm owners can easily rent out their unused space.

´My co-founder Finn and I have known each other since college`.

Finn and Max's love for outdoor sports brought them together at college and that's exactly where the idea for MyCabin came from. When Finn once went hiking and camped in a meadow the inevitable happened: the farmer who owned the meadow caught him wild camping. Finn was talking to him and found out that he didn't really mind if someone was spending the night in his fields. He just wanted to know who it was and how long they were staying. So Finn came up with the idea of founding a platform where that's possible. ´We want to use unused resources and create a win-win situation for everyone`.
In the meantime, the founding team of five people has received support, Max tells us. Various grants also support the project. The MyCabin team has already pitched internationally in Milan as well and was met with approval everywhere for their parking space search platform.
MyCabin Team
Max can reassure anyone who has a cool idea but is afraid of the challenges of setting up a business as well. Him and his co-founder didn't study business either. But, as Max tells us, they really do grow every day while facing challenges and are thus constantly learning.
The Corona crisis probably played into MyCabin's hands a little Max says. ´At first it was a shock but in the end we were able to make use of the Corona situation`. After all, this is where MyCabin can score with its USPs: Close-to-nature and contact-free travel. It's perfect, especially in this day and age.

´Chaotic, diverse and insanely exciting`.

That's how Max describes everyday life at the start-up. He tells us about the new office where they've only been working for a few weeks while he's laughing. Plants and bins are still missing. According to Max, they don't have a proper daily routine yet. ´I think that will only develop once we've been here a little longer`.

´When you have an idea, you should first familiarise yourself with the market`.

That's Max' advise to everyone who wants to start a business. ´First of all you should check whether the idea already exists and realistically assess its potential`. Max says next you should see whether you can really identify with the idea and whether you enjoy implementing it. The implementation and everything you need for it is important for starting a business. ´It also makes sense to build up a network right from the start`.

´By spring next year, we want to take our website to a new level`

The MyCabin team wants to use the feedback they've received during the pilot phase but also add new features such as route planning or bike trails. ´We don't just want to be an accommodation platformm we want to create an all-round experience. However, an app for searching pitches is also to be used`. In addition, MyCabin is aiming to expand into German-speaking countries.
We think MyCabin's ideas are great and wish the team success in achieving their goals.
Thank you so much Max for this exciting interview and your time!

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