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A CamperBoys van driving through a  snowy forrest. In the foreground a person is walking with two dogs.
A CamperBoys van driving through a  snowy forrest. In the foreground a person is walking with two dogs.

Winter camping Austria - winter holiday

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Staying at home all winter, twiddling your thumbs and looking forward to your summer holiday? You don't have to. While winter camping in Austria you can enjoy the full holiday programme.

On the one hand, you can really relax in the snowy silence of nature and thanks to the wide range of wellness offers at many campsites, on the other hand, outdoor fans will also get their money's worth thanks to the wide range of winter sports offers. And if you can fit in a visit to one of Austria's famous Christmas markets your winter holiday will be perfect.
To make your winter holiday a success, we've collected the most important information on the adventure of winter camping in Austria.

Weather in Austria during the winter months

Frau schaut aus dem VW Grand California im Winter
Austrian winters tend to be cold. In November you can expect temperatures between 2 and 8° Celsius, in December it cools down further to values of -1 and 3° Celsius. The lowest temperatures await you in January. Here you should expect temperatures between -3 and 2° Celsius. In February it gets a bit warmer again and the thermometer shows between -2 and 4° Celsius, in March temperatures are still between 1 and 10° Celsius. Of course, it always depends on the region and altitude.
If you want to breathe in the cold refreshing winter air, you're in good hands in Austria during the winter months. In many parts of the country you can also look forward to snow.

Hiking, skiing, and much more: that's what Austria has to offer in winter

Mann geht Skitour auf verschneiten Bergen
Austria is a paradise for outdoor fans in winter: in addition to winter hiking trails, ski fans will find numerous ski resorts and other winter sports activities such as snowboarding and cross-country skiing. Less intensive activities are not neglected either and those who prefer a more leisurely pace can opt for ice skating or idyllic walks in the snow. Those who are interested in culture might want to make a detour to Vienna and find a large number of campsites in the Vienna Woods area very close to the big city.
Of course, Austria is just as famous for its beautiful Christkindl or Christmas markets. Here you can feast, fight the cold from the inside with warm punch and maybe even buy the first holiday gifts for your loved ones or you can simply enjoy the beautiful decorations and the many fairy lights.
You still don't really know where to go and what activities you want to include? We'll be happy to help you with our travel planner and support you in planning your trip so you can relax.

Winter campsites in Austria

Camping Brunner am See

VW California Ocean steht vor verschneiten Bergen
The 5-star campsite Brunner which lies directly on Lake Millstätt in Carinthia has already won several awards over the years and is also an absolute hotspot in winter. In addition to the beautiful location between the lake and the mountains you can reach various skiing areas from here in no time, including the World Cup ski resort of Bad Kleinkirchheim or you can really unwind in the nearby thermal baths Römerbad and Kathrein. The area is also ideal for skiing and snowshoe tours as well as for ice skating and tobogganing, either on individual approved water surfaces or in the Nockhalle.

Winter campsites and wellness feeling

VW Grand California fährt auf verschneiter Bergstraße
In the country's main holiday regions, you're usually spoilt for choice when looking for your perfect winter campsite. Especially when it's cold, it's nice if your campsite offers a wellness area. A nice wellness experience is often enough to give your stay that certain something.
The 4-star campsite Camping Ötztal Längenfeld in Tyrol is well equipped for winter camping. A highlight of the winter facilities is the wellness area with sauna, infrared cabin and solarium. The facility is also only a two-minute walk away from the AQUA DOME spa resort. You'll also find everything else your heart desires: Längenfeld's natural toboggan runs, an ice skating rink directly at the campsite and several easily accessible skiing areas are looking forward to your visit.

Well equipped for the cold in Austria

How Off keeps you warm

Wintercamping im Schnee im VW Grand California
If you're travelling with Off, we won't let you go camping completely unprepared, especially in winter. We've prepared a few things for you so that you're prepared for the cold and don't start to freeze on the campsite. Our models are equipped with some handy winter features.
To ensure that the inside of your camper remains cosy and warm, all of our vehicles come with a modern auxiliary heating system. In the VW Grand California you can also enjoy an integrated hot water system. The pop-up roof of our VW Beach and Ocean models can also be used in winter thanks to the optional heating tube that transports the heat up to the top. For the pop-up roof, we also advise you to consider the CaliCab (a kind of thermal cap) when making your booking. For the front and side windows of all our models we recommend that you also book our thermal mats on top.
Apart from keeping warm in the cold the tyre stability in the snow is also important, especially in Austria. We offer optional snow chains for your Off road trip. If you need them, please contact
You can find more information on winter camping and the equipment of our models here.

Extra tips in case you're sensitive to the cold

Mann trinkt Tee im VW Grand California
Of course, there are a few things you can do yourself to ensure that the temperatures don't ruin your holiday. Warm and waterproof clothing and a thick blanket or two should definitely be at the top of your packing list and are welcome to take up a little more space in your luggage. If you don't want to take your own blanket with you then you can easily book our comfort blanket set for your trip. A hot water bottle, cosy socks, various soothing hot drinks and a hearty evening meal provide that little bit of extra warmth.

Found a campsite, packed your skis/snowboard and hot water bottle?

VW Grand California steht im Schnee
Then let's go! Whether you're heading off on a skiing holiday or hitting one Christmas market after another - with our tips you'll be well prepared for your winter camping trip. Have fun! Adventures ahead.

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