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Camping on the Polish Baltic coast

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Campsites on the Polish Baltic Sea: Camping directly on the beach! Here you will learn everything about the sandy beaches of the ´Sahara of Poland` and what to consider when staying on the Polish Baltic Sea with your camper!

Getting to the Polish Baltic Sea: the most important information:

Just across the German border you will find the Polish Baltic Sea with its wide sandy beaches and the largest sand dunes in Europe. There's a reason why the region is called the ´Sahara of Poland`.

Overland route to Poland:

By motorhome, you can get to the Polish border from Germany via the country road or the A9 highway and then continue on the A11 or A20. From there you can simply follow the signs to the Baltic coast of the country. If you start your camping trip in the south of Germany, it will take you about 9 to 13 hours, depending on which place on the Polish Baltic Sea coast you are attracted to. If you start your trip from the north of Germany, you can expect to be there within 4 to 8 hours, depending on the exact starting point and destination.

Ferry route to the Baltic Sea in Poland

If you satart in the north of Germany you also have the possibility to reach the Polish Baltic Sea coast by ferry with your camper. From Travemünde or Rostock, the first ferry will take you to Trelleborg, Sweden. From here, the journey continues to Świnoujście, on the Polish Baltic coast. However, the ferry ride is more time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, we recommend you to take the overland route, which is also more sustainable.
Camper auf einem Weg zwischen Feldern

Wild camping and free standing on the Polish Baltic Sea - Allowed or not?

Wild camping in Poland is officially prohibited. The environmental protection law covers wild camping and also free standing. In addition, simply parking on forest roads and driving on them is also forbidden, unless it's approved by traffic signs. In forest areas and on the coasts, controls are particularly strict, so you must be careful during your vacation on the Polish Baltic Sea, because if you are caught, fines of up to 120 euros may be incurred.

Alternatives to wild camping

But there are also possibilities between the forbidden wild camping and the vacation on campsites in Poland.
  • You can ask the forest owner/forestry for a permit.
  • Bivouacking, i.e. sleeping under the open sky, is more likely to be allowed, so you could park your camper in a parking lot and spend the night under the open sky.
  • If you are camping on private land, you can always ask the owners and/or the authorities for permission.
If you want to be on the safe side, it is best to rent a pitch on one of the many natural campsites in the country.
If you want to leave the planning of your journey, campsite selection and more out of your hands, we will be happy to take care of it. Just book our travel planner and let us plan your vacation trip according to your individual preferences.
And if you prefer to do the planning yourself, here are a few campsite recommendations for you:

Campsites at the Polish Baltic Sea

At the Polish Baltic Sea you will find many different accommodations on the campsites. Here you can learn more about the different campsites with good reviews, which offer pitches for motorhomes, what advantages they offer you due to their individual location and about the price range.

Park 45 Camping: Polish Baltic Sea

The campsite stays open all year. Park 45 Camping is located in Sopot directly on the beach with a natural green area where you can stand with your camper. The price for a pitch starts at 22 euros. Due to the location you have a beautiful view from on the sea, the pier of Sopot and the Gdansk Bay. The port city and metropolitan region of Gdansk with its beautiful colorful houses is only 11 kilometres away and is a great spot for an excursion.
Pärchen sitzt vor dem Camper auf Campingstühlen in der Natur

Camping Polish Baltic Sea directly on the beach: FLY Resort Łeba

Camping directly on the beach: The FLY Resort is located in the middle of the Slovenian National Park, in the immediate vicinity of the beach. The idyllic campsite in the middle of nature, not far from the big sand dunes of the National Park is the perfect place if you long for a vacation in peace, with campfire evenings. In the surroundings you can make many different walks and enjoy the view of the dunes of the Baltic Sea. And your four-legged companion is also welcome at the campsite.
The campsite is open from May 1 to September 3 and offers pitches starting from a price of 10 euros.

Baltic Sea camping in Poland: Chałupy 6

The campsite Chałupy 6 is located on the Hel Peninsula, which stretches through a 35-kilometre strip of sand in the northeastern part of Poland, which is why this campsite is right on the beach as well. However, if you're looking for some adventure and exercise on vacation, this is the campsite for you, as you can go kitesurfing or stand-up paddleboarding and rent the equipment. The site is open all year round and camping prices start at 12 euros.
Hel Polen

Popular seaside resorts & cities on the Polish Baltic Sea:

Visit a few of the most beautiful regions on the Baltic Sea, no matter if you want a camping, party or pure relaxation vacation, you can find all of that here.

Zoppot (Sopot)

Sopot is considered a hotspot for younger vacationers because of its many bars and clubs. The place offers the perfect location with its beautiful beaches and proximity to the city of Gdansk. So do you feel like a party vacation on the beach, not far from Germany, then book a camper with us and start a summer vacation full of beaches and parties with your friends.
Sopot Polen

Kolberg (Kolobrzeg)

The town of Kolberg is a quiet seaside resort known for its spa and wellness tourism. On the wide beach promenade you have the opportunity to take long, relaxing walks or bike rides or watch the sunset. On the beach you can also take a relaxing walk to the Kolberg lighthouse, the town's landmark. The wide beach is also perfect for a very relaxing day by the sea.
Polen Leuchtturm


From the small town of Leba you can make a great trip to the Slovenský National Park. There are several hiking and biking trails that run through the national park, such as the 35-kilometre-long coastal trail that stretches from Leba to Rowy (Rowe).
Here you will experience unique landscapes of coastal areas, lagoons, marshes and rivers. Observe different species of birds in their natural habitat (there are 270 species in total, how many will you discover? ;)) and walk on the largest shifting sand dunes in Central Europe with a height of up to 40 metres.
Sanddünen Polen

Swinemünde (Świnoujście)

The coastal town of Swinoujscie, which consists of 44 small islands, is located in the north-west of the Polish Baltic Sea coast. Swinoujscie is known for its geographical triangular location between the seaside resort of Misdroy, the Szczecin Lagoon and the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. But it's not just the location that makes Swinoujscie a popular destination for all ages, but also the 12-kilometre-long sandy beach near Usedom.
Tip: For a bit more action, head over to the island of Kaseburg. Here you have excellent conditions for a wide variety of water sports, such as surfing or sailing.

Misdroy (Międzyzdroje)

The town of Misdroy on the island of Wollin, neighbouring Swinoujscie, offers you a seaside resort with particularly clean and warm water. The high and wind-protected cliffs and the resulting restful microclimate make it the perfect place if you are looking for relaxation and wellness.
Polen Ostseeküste

Conclusion on camping on the Polish Baltic coast

The Polish Baltic Sea has the perfect offer for all types of campers, whether you are looking for a quiet wellness holiday, want to work off your energy with various water sports or feel like having a party holiday with friends. The diversity of the region, with the Slovenian National Park, the (semi-)islands, various beaches and lakes, as well as the surrounding metropolis of Gdansk, gives you a wide choice or a very varied camping trip.

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