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Snow on a dock with two boats. The water is halfway frozen.
Snow on a dock with two boats. The water is halfway frozen.

Winter camping at the Baltic Sea - What you need to know

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Forgoing camping in winter is a thing of the past. This winter we dare to get out of the house and experience it in its most beautiful facets at one of our favourite German destinations - the Baltic Sea, of course.

Snow-covered dunes and the cold sea as far as the eye can reach. Relax on deserted beaches, watch the seagulls and breathe in the cold clear air. Enjoying the winter sun on your skin and staying snuggled up in the warmth on stormy days. That's the Baltic Sea in winter - one of our favorite destinations even on cold days. The Baltic Sea offers a beautiful winter landscape to all those who dare to go there. In fact, you don't necessarily have to escape the temperatures to still go camping during colder months. Winter camping allows you to experience nature's calmest side and find relaxation and a new appreciation for winter (but also for warm blankets) away from the tourist crowds.
When you want to go winter camping it's important to not start your road trip unprepared. Find out what kind of useful equipment our campers offer in winter, what you can do to stay warm and what the deal is with campsites on the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Sea weather in winter

A man is walking on the beach in a dark jacket. There is snow falling around him.
While you can expect temperatures between 7 and 13° Celsius in October the average temperatures already drop to 3 to 7° Celsius in November. A cold December (0-4° Celsius) is followed by an even colder January with temperatures between -1 and 3° Celsius. The average temperatures of January continue through February. March and April are still rather cold with maximum temperatures of 11° Celsius.
Apart from the temperatures you have to expect some cold rainy days when vacationing on the Baltic Sea coast of Germany, despite many sunny days. In addition, you can expect a constant breeze on the coast which provides clear air. Snowy beaches complete your winter camping at the Baltic Sea experience.
It can also be stormy at the Baltic Sea so take good care of yourself please.

Eqquiped against the cold

Stay warm with Off

The back of a CamperBoys van is opened and there are lots of pillows. A woman in winter clothing inside the vehicle is drinking something hot out of a CamperBoys mug.
Regardless of whether you've settled on a campsite or have managed to get hold of a private pitch: you should be prepared for the cold outside in any case and not show up on the coast unprepared.
Fortunately, all Off models are equipped with a parking heater so your camper stays cozy warm even in the deepest winter. The Grand California also has a hot water system so you can also use the pop-up roof in winter and we also offer you a heating tube for our California Beach and the California Ocean model which you can use to conduct the heat of the parking heater all the way to the top. We also recommend that you add thermal mats for the front and side windows to your booking for all models, as well as the corresponding cap (the CaliCab) for our vans with a pop-up roof.
Although they do not necessarily keep you warm they're still important in case of snow: We'll also be happy to provide you with snow chains during your trip with Off. Contact if you need them.

Stay warm

Arbeiten im Camper mit Handy und Laptop
Warm clothes and blankets take up some space in the car but they're an absolute must-have during your winter vacation. You can add a comfort blanket set to your Off booking but of course you can also store your own blankets from home in the camper.
Whether hot cocoa, tea, coffee or punch: hot drinks are another valuable addition to your luggage. They are especially soothing when enjoyed in a warm camper while the cold wind is blowing outside.
For your inner spiritual warmth you can make the camper really nice and cozy with our decoration tips for the van. This way bad weather days go by much faster and are way more pleasant.

Activities and undertakings along the Baltic Sea coast

A city in Northern Germany during the winter time.
Tired of walking on the beach all day long and watching the seagulls? Fortunately, along the Baltic coast you'll find many different activities that will bring variety to your vacation.
Of course what there is to discover and experience depends on the region you travelled to. For example, even in winter you can find wellness offers such as a visit to the Grömitzer Welle or the Ostseetherme in Scharbeutz. If you're into outdoor activities of a special kind a torchlight hike is the perfect thing for you. This exciting experience is offered at the popular Lübeck Bay or also on the island of Usedom. A visit to the Nordic Hanseatic cities such as Rostock, Lübeck or Wismar is always worthwhile - especially when there's a Christmas market that invites you to stroll around.
If you still need help planning your trip we'll be happy to help you with our Off Guide.

Campsites that are still open after the peak season

A VW Grand California is parked on a snowy forest plot. A woman in winter clothing is walking next to it.
Some campsites unfortunately do not offer pitches during the autumn and winter months. Fortunately, there are plenty of campsites in the north that are open all year round though.

Schleswig Holstein

Schleswig Holstein - one of the federal states with access to the Baltic Sea - has the highest density of campsites in Germany. So it's no surprise that you'll find plenty of campsites here that welcome guests even in the cold low season. These include the well-equipped Wulfener Hals camping and vacation park right by the sea.

Mecklenburg Western Pomerania

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern you should have no problems finding a campsite either. The camping park Rerik near Rostock is open all year round, has its own sanitary facilities, is located close to the water and is a wonderful place for your winter adventure.

Weatherproofed your camper and found a campsite?

A VW Grand California camper. One of the windows is down and a woman in the drivers seat is smiling.
Then let's got and start your winter camping adventure at the Baltic Sea!
Look forward to deserted beaches, the undisturbed view into the distance, peace and clear air and cozy warmth in the camper. Adventures ahead.

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