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Eine Frau sitzt voll angezogen im Innern eines Campers auf einer Campingtoilette. In diesem Artikel erfährst du das Wichtigste zum Thema Chemietoilette entsorgen.
Eine Frau sitzt voll angezogen im Innern eines Campers auf einer Campingtoilette. In diesem Artikel erfährst du das Wichtigste zum Thema Chemietoilette entsorgen.

Disposing of chemical toilets - the most important facts

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Whether you're new to camping or an old hand - sooner or later, all campers have to think about how to use a toilet when you're away from the bathroom at home.

Have you decided to equip your motorhome with a chemical toilet, but still have questions about disposal and cleaning? Then you've come to the right place.
Ein Portapotti steht im Innenraum eines Campers. Wie Chemietoilette entsorgen geht, erfährst du in diesem Artikel.

What do I need to pay attention to when emptying my camping toilet?

Emptying a camping toilet is something that needs to be learnt - but it's not actually complicated at all. Depending on whether you have a chemical or dry toilet, disposal works differently. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to empty a chemical toilet:
  • First close the valve between the waste water tank (‘cistern’) and the toilet.
  • Now you can remove the faeces tank via the supply flap and transport it (tightly closed) to the disposal station. Be careful, a tank like this can sometimes be a little heavier.
  • Point the spout upwards and unscrew the lid, and then you can empty the contents of the toilet - it is best to wear gloves to avoid skin contact with chemicals and faeces. Also, keep the ventilation button pressed when emptying, otherwise you may get a few splashes.
The chemicals contained in chemical toilets neutralise odours and also have a decomposing function. However, decomposition in particular takes a while, so it is quite normal if some of the toilet contents are still recognisable during emptying.

Cleaning the chemical toilet - how it works

You should clean your toilet after emptying it.
  • Disposal stations usually have a water hose that you can use to rinse the tank after emptying. Simply fill the container with a little water, close it again, shake it gently and then empty the contents again. Keep doing this until only clear water comes out.
  • Now you can take your toilet back to the camper and fill it with fresh water and new chemicals.
  • The valve and seal should also be cleaned regularly with water and a dry cloth.
  • Is your camping holiday over and you no longer need your chemical toilet for the time being? Then clean it again and store it without water and with the valve open until your next trip.
Please only use the hose provided for cleaning and not the one intended for the fresh water supply. Also leave the station clean for anyone who wants to use it after you.

When do I have to empty my chemical toilet?

It is time to empty your toilet after 2 to 3 days, or once the red light comes on at the latest - or once it is about three quarters full.

Where can I empty my chemical toilet?

Even if your chemical toilet works with the help of biodegradable additives: You may still only empty it at designated disposal stations. Absolute no-goes are, for example, drains or disposal in nature. Emptying them in the toilet at home or at the campsite is also not permitted in order not to disturb the biological balance of the sewage treatment plants.
Disposal stations can be found at many campsites and at some motorway service areas and pitches, and they are usually clearly marked. There is often a charge for using the station. CamperClean machines that automatically empty, clean and refill the toilet with an ecological sanitary fluid are also becoming increasingly common. Extremely practical:
Here you can download a free overview of disposal stations in Europe.

The difference between grey and black water

There are often separate drains for grey water (waste water from washbasins and showers) and black water (contents of your chemical toilet). It's best to ask once too often about the correct disposal point before you accidentally empty your toilet in the wrong place.

All clear so far?

Now disposing of and cleaning your chemical toilet should no longer be a problem. If you want to know more about chemical and dry toilets and the right toilet paper for camping, take a look at this article we wrote - here we also introduce you to handy apps that show locations of public toilets while you're travelling.

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