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Mann tanzt mit Käsereibe zwischen den Stühlen am Campingplatz.
Mann tanzt mit Käsereibe zwischen den Stühlen am Campingplatz.

Ad-on Equipment

Do you have any special requests?

No matter if you need functional add-on equipment or just something for fun: we have the right camping equipment for you on your camping trip. You can find everything: a hammock, a bedspread, a bike rack and more!

Free kitchen equipment

You will receive a whole set of dishes, cutlery and French press for free with every rental if desired.

Campinggeschirr steht auf Campingtisch
Campingbesteck liegt auf Campingtisch

Outdoor Camping Stove

Campingkocher steht auf Campingtisch

More cooking space

With the outdoor camping stove you are super flexible and can cook anywhere you want. Do not worry about running out of gas, we give you three spare gas bottles.
The camping stove is very easy and quick to assemble. Enjoy your outdoor meals with the practical outdoor camping stove.

Bike rack

Fahrradträger an Hecktür von VW Grand California montiert

Take your bike

Camping alone is great, but you know what’s even better? That’s right, camping and bringing along a bike! You can go anywhere in an instant, whether it’s to get a roll or go on a whole tour by the sea or around the lake.
That’s why we’re happy to provide you with a bicycle carrier for your journey. It’s easy to attach to the boot and offers space for your bike no matter where you’re going.
VW California Ocean & Beach: 4 bikes, Load capacity 60kg
VW Grand Cali 600 & 680, Mooveo Travel Van 600& 630: 2 bikes, Load capacity 35kg
Opel Crosscamp: 2 bikes, Load capacity 35kg
Mercedes Marco Polo & Pössl Campstar: 4 bikes, Max. Load per bike holder 2 x 30kg and 2 x 17.5kg
Mooveo Motorhome: 2 bikes, load capacity 60kg

Camping toilet

Porta Potti Campingtoilette steht in VW T6.1 Beach Ocean

From the brand Porta Potti

The subject of camping toilets concerns us all when we are on the road without a water connection and drainage. This is where the world-famous camping toilet “Porta Potti” comes to the rescue. The portable toilet can be taken along comfortably and takes up hardly any space.
The Porta Potti consists of a toilet bowl with removable toilet seat and a fresh water & waste tank.

Premium pillow & blanket

Blackroll Kissen und Decke liegen auf dem Bett eines VW T6.1 Beach Ocean

From the brand Blackroll

Restful sleep is something you don’t want to miss out on when camping. That’s why we’re providing you with the Premium 4-Season Blanket and the cosy Memory Foam Pillow by Blackroll for optimal comfort.
The blanket measures 135×200 cm and is hypoallergenic. The pillow offers different sides for various sleeping position.

Additional camping table

Campingtisch steht vor Camper VW T6.1 Beach Ocean

Gather all your friends

Have breakfast by the sea or enjoy the sunset while having dinner outdoors.
With the additional outdoor camping table you can make yourself comfortable in nature and enjoy your meals.

Additional camping chair

Campingstuhl steht vor Camper VW T6.1 Beach Ocean

Seating for everyone

The cool beer with your camping friends tastes best when everyone has a seat. Chairs are also always very popular around the campfire.
The camping chairs are very easy to fold out and quickly stowed in the trunk.

Child seat

Kindersitz auf Rückbank von VW California

For little camper

For many families, a holiday in a camper van is ideal. To ensure optimal safety for children while driving, a child seat is of course essential.
A child seat is compulsory for children up to 150 cm tall or 12 years old – at least in Germany.
Note: This equipment is just bookable on request. Please send us an email at info@camperboys.com

Child seat for toddlers

Campingsitz für Kleinkinder auf Rückbank von VW California

For very little camper

For the even smaller fellow travelers we have of course also a toddler seat ready. It combines safety and comfort and makes your vacation easier.
The toddler seat is recommended for children from 9 months and is designed for a body weight of 8-36 kilograms.
Note: This equipment is just bookable on request. Please send us an email at info@camperboys.com

Child safety lock for rooftop bed

Kindersicherung für das Dachbett in einem VW T6.1 California Beach Ocean

Safety first

Since the roof tent is accessible via an opening in the floor above the driver’s cabin, this poses a moderate risk for children who also want to sleep in the roof tent at some point.
That’s why we’re happy to give you a child safety lock for the roof bed to minimize the risk of injury to small children.

Microfiber towel

Sea to Summit Tek Towel hängt an Markise von Opel Crosscamp

From the brand Sea To Summit

This super-absorbent and quick-drying towel is the ideal companion for your next holiday. Whether for camping, showering or lying on the beach. With this towel you are well equipped for any occasion.
The towel is lightweight, machine washable and made from a microfibre blend for a soft terry feel.


Ticket to the Moon Hängematte am Strand aufgespannt

From the brand Ticket to the Moon

The hammock that fits in your pocket. The hammock by Ticket to the Moon is hard to beat when it comes to minimalism, without sacrificing quality or comfort. It is made of parachute silk and offers space for 1-2 people.
It can be set up quickly and intuitively, without any tedious knot-tying. The hammock is also sustainable: Ticket to the Moon processes all cuttings and waste materials in the production process.

Wedge ramp

Camper steht auf Auffahrkeilen

Everything stable

Another important accessory for your next road trip: drive-on chocks. You should definitely not go on the road without them! The wedges are easy to store and quickly at hand when it comes to parking the camper for the night.
The pitches we choose are not always 100% straight and no one wants to lie tilted in their bed or run the risk of the saucepan slipping off the hob. To compensate for these unevennesses in the ground, ramp wedges are ideal!

Rooftop tent insulation

Dachzeltisolierung auf VW T6.1 California Beach Ocean montiert.

For extra cozyness

In the colder seasons or in Nordic countries, it can get very chilly, especially at night. Of course, we have the right roof tent insulation for you!
The insulation keeps the cold out and the warmth in – after all, no one likes to sleep in freezing temperatures. For assembly instructions, just take a look at our YouTube channel!

Mats for insulation

Thermomatten werden auf VW T6.1 California Beach Ocean montiert

Good protection

Not only for the roof tent we have the appropriate insulation, also for the front and front side windows.
In winter, the thermal mats are very practical to keep the icy cold outside and the heat inside. In addition, you save yourself from annoying ice scratching with the practical cover.

CaliHeat heating hose

VW T6.1 California Beach Ocean steht auf verschneiter Straße

Sleep in the pop-up roof without freezing

The CaliHeat heating hose is perfect for transporting warm air into the roof tent. It is simply attached to the bottom of the parking heater and then directs the warm air up into the pop-up roof. So you're guaranteed not to get cold feet.
We recommend the CaliHeat heating hose for all campers that have a pop-up roof, especially for the VW California Beach & Ocean!

Snow chains

Schneeketten an Camper montiert

Safe even through snowy roads

Snow chains should be used when roads are heavily covered with snow or ice. The snow chains are mounted on the drive axles and grant you safe driving, even on snowy roads. They are suitable for all vehicles.