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Eine Frau liegt in einer Hängematte, umgeben von Bäumen.
Eine Frau liegt in einer Hängematte, umgeben von Bäumen.

Spending winter in Portugal with a campervan - how it works

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Why spend the winter in Germany when you can spend it in Portugal?

Winter in Germany usually means pretty grubby weather. So if you can, escape to the beaches of Italy, Spain and Portugal when it gets cold here in Germany. Find out why winter camping in Portugal is a good idea, especially for frostbite sufferers, and which areas in particular you should have on your radar here. Please bring us some sunshine when you get back. We could really use it.
Eine Frau sitzt auf dem Beifahrersitz eines fahrenden Campers beim Überwintern in Portugal. Man sieht draußen den Sonnenuntergang.

Portugal in winter - T-shirt weather?

Let's start with the bad news. The north of Portugal is quite rainy, especially in winter. So you're unlikely to find a change from the weather in Germany here. If you are longing for mild temperatures and dryness in winter, the south of the country is the best place to go. You can find out more about the most suitable regions for wintering later in this article.

Temperatures in Portugal in October

October is still really pleasant in Portugal. Temperatures range between 16°C and 20°C. The water temperatures also play along and are around 18°C.

Temperatures Portugal November

With average temperatures between 13°C and 17°C, November is also relatively mild. The average water temperature doesn't really differ from October either. Okay, it's a whole degree lower (17°C), but let's not be too picky.

Temperatures in Portugal in December

Temperatures range between 10°C and 15°C in December. Still quite pleasant for winter. The water temperature is one degree cooler again and averages 16°C.

Temperatures Portugal January and February

January and February are the coolest months of the year for Portugal. Both months have temperatures between 10°C and 14°C, and the average water temperature is also identical at 15° in both months. Also good to know: February is the rainiest month for the southern part of Portugal.
Ein VW California Ocean steht beim Überwintern in Portugal auf einer Wiese. Daneben ist eine Hängematte aufgespannt, ein Schwimmring lehnt am Camper.

Spending winter in Portugal - tips for saving money à la Off

Portugal is beautiful and great and worth seeing, but what Portugal is definitely not (any more) is an insider's tip for camping. That's just the way it is. And that's okay. The Algarve in particular is a super popular holiday destination, and not just for campers. Accordingly, the campsites etc. can be more expensive here compared to other regions of the country. But - big but! - in winter you are travelling in the low season, which means that even on the Algarve coast (and of course everywhere else in the country) prices are significantly lower than in the high season in summer. The Costa da Prata is a cheaper alternative to the south, even if this coast tends to be rainier in winter than the Algarve. Well, you have to know where your priorities lie.
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You can find everything else about the Camper subscription here.

Portugal travel destinations during the winter months - These are the regions where you'll find the most sunshine

Portugal is not just Portugal. In winter, it's best to set off in your campervan towards the Algarve. Not only is it beautiful here, but it is also the warmest during the autumn and winter months. However, the Algarve is definitely no longer an insider tip, so it can tend to be a little more expensive (and fully booked) here than in other regions of the country. Good alternatives, even in winter, are the Costa da Prata or the Costa Vicentina. The winters here are mild but rainier than in the Algarve. Fortunately, we are not made of sugar.
There is no shortage of beaches, scenery to be proud of and things to do in any of the three regions. You can get to know Portuguese culture and history everywhere, stretch your legs on the beach or while hiking, or simply spend the whole day looking out to sea if you feel like it.
Ein Grand California 600 Van steht beim Überwintern in Portugal an einer Lichtung. Ein Mann und eine Frau sitzen im Bach daneben an einem Campingtisch und essen.

Campsite Portugal by the sea

Spending winter in Portugal with a motorhome - The most beautiful campsites

Wild camping and free standing along the Portuguese coast? Rather difficult. But it is easier (especially in the Algarve) than in some other countries to find campsites that are open all year round. So you're sure to find a nice spot for you and your camper anyway. We've taken the liberty of putting together a small selection for you. A little extra tip: For some campsites that are not labelled as open all year round, it may also be worth giving them a call and making an enquiry for your travel period.

Campsite Algarve

The Caravanas Algarve campsite is small, quiet and leafy. The many orange and lemon trees around the site are particularly pretty. You will find restaurants, cafés and bars in the nearby village of Moncarapacho and shopping opportunities in nearby Olhão, for example. You can get to the beach by bike in just under half an hour. Closer to the water, the campsite Ria Formosa. In addition to the usual campsite facilities, there is also a pool here. In case the sea is too seay for you. And the water in the pool is warm enough. The campsite is located in Tavira, a small coastal town, so shopping and restaurants are no problem here either.
Eine Drohnenaufnahme von einem VW California Beach Van, der beim Überwintern in Portugal an der Küste steht.

Campsite Costa da Prata

On the Costa de Prata, you'll want for nothing at the Coimbrão campsite. The campsite is just 30 minutes by bike from the nearest beach, but if that's too far for you, you can also use the pool on the campsite grounds. The nearest shopping centre is in Leiria. The only drawback is that there seem to be a lot of dogs in the vicinity of the campsite, which you can probably hear barking from time to time. You need to know whether this bothers you or not. Otherwise you can also visit the Parque de Campismo de Quiaios right next to the beach. Not far from the campsite you can stock up your camper's kitchen in Figueira da Foz, there is also a supermarket and a small restaurant on the campsite itself.
Eine Freundesgruppe sitzt beim Überwintern in Portugal um einen Campingtisch herum. Im Hintergrund steht ein Camper Van.

Campsite Costa Vicentina

If you are travelling to the Costa Vicentina, Camping Villa Park Zambujeira is a good place to stay. The site itself is beautifully green, you're not far from the sea and there are also a handful of supermarkets nearby. Another campsite tip we have for you is Camping Serrão for you. Although it is a little further away from the coast, you will have peace and quiet here, especially in the low season. There are also a few shops nearby and you can pay a visit to the small town of Alzejur.
Aus der Heckklappe eines Campers, der am Strand steht, sieht man das Meer beim Überwintern in Portugal.

Camping Portugal by the sea - Off you go!

So, that's it for our little introduction to spending your winter in Portugal. In short: stick to the south, pack your rain cape to be on the safe side and find a nice campsite. If you want to know more about camping in Portugal, have a look here or over here - we got you covered. And now off to Portugal with you!

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