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Warme Reiseziele April: Junge Frau sitzt lachend neben einem Camper am Meer in der Sonne
Warme Reiseziele April: Junge Frau sitzt lachend neben einem Camper am Meer in der Sonne

Warm destinations in April: 5 ideas for your Easter holiday

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Spring is calling! And with it, a camping trip to a warm destination for as much sunshine and spring fever as possible. Get your sunglasses out - here are our top 5 warm destinations in April. Ideal for a holiday at Easter or all around.

We're in the mood for spring - and actually for summer too! We're bathing in every single ray of sunshine right now, enjoying the colourful flowers (apart from hay fever), would love to slip into our Birkenstock sandals right now and are longing for warm temperatures and ice lollies. You too? Then we've got an idea for you: a holiday to a warm destination in April. And wham: while April here in Germany likes to do whatever it wants, other countries are waiting with exactly what we're dreaming of.
Wo ist es im April warm? Zwei Personen stehen mit den Zehen im Wasser am Strand bei ihrem Urlaub im April in Italien

5 reasons for a camping holiday in April

🌞 Escape the reluctant April in Germany & soak up lots of sun rays!
🌞 Ring in the summer & top up your energy reserves!
🌞 Bye, bye peak season: enjoy empty campsites & relaxed regulations!
🌞 Fewer tourists, more locals. And more authentic holiday experiences!
Ein Urlaub im April: Ein Paar liegt nebeneinander im Camper in der Sonne und lacht herzlich

Where to go? Travel tips for your holiday in April

Hopefully we've already convinced you that travelling by campervan in April is a great idea. Of course, you already know where to get your campervan (tip: starts with `O`, ends with `ff` 😉). The only remaining question is where it's already warm in April. We have good news for you: Because holidaymakers can already enjoy pleasantly warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine at many destinations in Europe. That's not usually enough for a beach holiday, but warmer temperatures and more sunshine than at home are something! And because the temperatures are not yet too hot and nature is showing its spring-like side, April is one of the best months for travelling to warm destinations, especially for an active holiday. So let's get going: we reveal our 5 best travel destinations in April.

💡 Good news:

A holiday at Easter is ideal for a trip in spring. Because April offers you two bridge days (Good Friday on 29 March and Easter Monday on 1 April). So for 16 days off around Easter, you only need to take eight days off - jackpot! In a detailed blog article, we have summarised for you how you can cleverly plan this year to get as many holidays as possible with as few holiday days as possible.
Urlaub mit Sonnenschein im April: Junge Frau schaut mit geschlossenen Augen in die Sonne, während sie am Campingtisch am Strand sitzt

The best destinations for sun worshippers in April

Holidays in Mallorca in April: off to the island

It's not quite warm enough for a beach holiday in Mallorca in April. The water temperature is around 15 degrees during this period. Nevertheless, the island is a super warm destination in April to enjoy pleasantly warm temperatures and get a good tan in the sun. Things are still quiet on our favourite island in spring because most tourists are waiting for the summer months. The best time to explore Mallorca's most beautiful sides. The old town of Alcúdia, for example, which is characterised by traces of the Romans. Or the Serra de Tramuntana, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed cycling and hiking paradise. While there are often even more bikes than cars on the roads in April, active holidaymakers get their money's worth when hiking or cycling on the island. What you should bear in mind when camping in Spain and whether wild camping is permitted in Spain can be found on our blog.
Temperatures: 🌡️ 10 - 20 °C air temperature ☀️ 8 hours of sunshine a day
Must-sees: Alcúdia, Serra de Tramuntana, Cap Formentor, dragon caves, Valldemossa
Feels like: The scent of orange trees in bloom & the warm handshakes of the Mallorcans
Off insider tip: From 20 April to 5 May 2024, the villages of Sóller, Port de Sóller and Fornalutx will be hosting the the Orange Festival takes place in Mallorca's Orange Valley. Restaurants create special `orange menus`, there are markets, live music and performances - all to celebrate the delicious citrus fruit.
Mallorca als Reiseziel im April: Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen beim Sonnenuntergang mit Blick aufs Meer an der Küste Mallorcas

Holidays in the Algarve: chasing the sun

`How far south do you want to go?` If your answer to this question is `Yes!`, then the Algarve is probably one of the best destinations in April for your campervan holiday by the sea. The popular region of Portugal is not too hot, but beautifully sunny in spring. We can already see ourselves strolling through cities like Faro or Lagos, surfing the waves of the Atlantic, visiting the Benagil Cave or the bizarre rock formations of Ponta da Piedade. Active holidays, sightseeing, water sports or relaxation - we would say that the decision is up to you, but: on a holiday in the Algarve, you don't really have to or want to decide. However, you should know about the regulations for wild camping in Portugal and the most beautiful campsites.
Temperatures: 🌡️ 10 - 20 °C air temperature ☀️ 8 hours of sunshine a day
Must-sees: Faro, Lagos, Ponta da Piedade, Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, Praia da Arrifana, Praia de Sao Rafael
Feels like: The sweet taste of pastéis de nata & the feeling of the salty sea breeze around your ears
Off insider tip: In summer, the Benagil Cave is often hopelessly overcrowded. This is understandable, as it is one of the most popular sights in the south of Portugal for a reason. However, if you are travelling in spring, it's a different story and you can marvel at this natural spectacle in peace. A great tip is to hike from Praia de Marinja to the cave in around 2 hours - coastal panorama at its finest included.
Urlaub im April an der Algarve: Eine Frau mit Surfboard neben ihrem Camper vor der Küste und Berglandschaft Portugals

Holidays in Croatia: Spring in Istria by the sea

Croatia also has a lot to offer as a holiday destination in April. Historic coastal towns, beaches and bays and turquoise blue sea, but also national parks, islands and pure nature. Spring, with its warm temperatures, is the ideal time to explore all these facets of Croatia. Only the very bravest will probably dare to go on a beach holiday. But sea water around your toes and sunshine on the tip of your nose is a good alternative for April. In the Istria region, towns such as Rovinj and Pula, Cape Kamenjak and the beaches of Valka and Polynesia await. Watch out budget travellers: You can also find particularly favourable offers at the country's many great campsites in spring. Our favourite round trip through Croatia by campervan and more
You can find tips on camping in Croatia in one of our blog articles.
Temperatures: 🌡️ 11 - 17 °C air temperature ☀️ 7-8 hours of sunshine a day
Must-sees: Rovinj, Pula, Cape Kamenjak, Valka beach, Polynesia beach
Feels like: The clatter of clashing ship masts & the feeling of happiness when you wake up and look out to sea from your campervan
Off insider tip: Exactly this feeling of happiness, looking out to sea when you first blink in the camper tent roof, awaits you on the Mon Perin campsite near the town of Pula. The pitches, many of which have direct access to the beach, are spread out in a large and beautiful natural area along the coast. If this doesn't give you spring fever, we don't know where will.
Warme Reiseziele April: Ein Pärchen sitzt in Kroatien neben ihrem Campervan auf Campingstühlen in der Sonne direkt am Meer

Holidays on the Amalfi Coast: Easter in Bella Italia

You've probably already guessed it: Italy should not go unmentioned on our list of the best warm destinations in April. La Dolce Vita and Il dolce far niente - if that's not the epitome of our summer longing! The further south you travel, the more spring-like it gets. Warm, sunny weather awaits you on the Amalfi Coast. Your holiday there in April could look something like this: A city trip to cosy Positano or history-steeped Pompeii. An active holiday with hikes in the spring sun somewhere between Salerno and Sorrento. A relaxing time at the campsite by the sea with a pizza on your lap and a book in your hand. If that's exactly what you're looking for, then take a look at our top tips for camping in Italy and the regulations on wild camping. And if you're more drawn to Tuscany, we have the most beautiful nature camping spots for you.
Temperatures: 🌡️ 14 - 19 °C air temperature ☀️ 7 hours of sunshine a day
Must-sees: Positano, Fjord of Furore, Valle dei Mulini, Villa Rufolo & Villa Cimbrone, Spiaggia di Atrani
Feels like: The smell of pizza in the streets of the old town & the tingle of Aperol Spritz on the tongue
Off insider tip: Perhaps even more than the others, Italy is THE destination for an Easter holiday. This is because Easter is widely celebrated in Italy and is often even more important than Christmas. So experiencing the Easter celebrations in the country between Palm Sunday and Easter Monday is a special experience. You should definitely not miss a slice of the Easter cake Colomba Pasquale, a yeast cake in the shape of a dove.
Geheimtipp Urlaub April: Junge Frau in Wanderkleidung neben ihrem Camper auf dem Campingplatz am Meer in Italien

Holiday in the Netherlands: The odd one out

Okay, we'll admit it: with this destination, we've smuggled one into our blog article that doesn't quite fit in with the rest 😉 Why? The sun is at least as rare in the Netherlands in April as it is here in Germany and, as we all know, you should be prepared for the odd rain shower. But - big but! - the country simply can't be missing from our list of travel tips in April. Because if there's a perfect time to visit, then it's definitely spring. And if there's one month that epitomises spring, then it's April. We think everyone should visit the Netherlands during the tulip blossom season, which usually lasts from the end of March to the beginning of May. And a bike ride along the canals of Amsterdam or along the blooming tulip fields, a visit to the Keukenhof with its more than 7 million flowers or a trip to the seaside in Noordwijk will certainly lead to a lot of sunshine in your heart, even with the odd drop of rain. What to expect at wild camping in the Netherlands and many tips for camping in Holland by the sea can be found in other blog articles.
Temperatures: 🌡️ 7 - 13 °C air temperature 🌧️ 4 rainy days
Must sees: Keukenhof, tulip fields around Leiden, Amsterdam, Utrecht for Kingsday, Scheveningen beach
Feels like: Headwind while cycling & the crunch of fresh fries in your mouth
Off insider tip: On 27 April, the Netherlands hosts the Koningsdag (King's Day), when the whole country celebrates the king's birthday. This means that the cities are transformed into a huge free festival with a dress code in the national colour orange and in cities such as Utrecht, Dutch people sell everything they no longer need at a flea market spread across the streets. It's definitely an experience to witness!
Urlaub Ostern: Ein Mann in oranger Regenjacke steht im April auf einem Platz in einer Stadt in den Niederlanden

Warm travel destinations in April - Our conclusion

You already know that we're in the mood for spring. And after this blog article, we can say: even more eager for a campervan holiday to one of the 5 warm destinations in April! Because the scent of orange trees in bloom, the feeling of the salty sea breeze around your ears, the tingle of Aperol Spritz on your tongue, the feeling of happiness when you wake up and look out to sea from your campervan and the headwind as you cycle past seas of flowers are exactly what we're missing right now. And exactly what we want to make April feel less like April and spring almost feel like summer. If you feel the same way, then grab one of our campervans and off you go: Off to new adventures! Off to summer times!

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