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Men sitting inside and in front of a parked CamperBoys van with mountains in the background
Men sitting inside and in front of a parked CamperBoys van with mountains in the background

Camping gadgets - our favourites

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I pack my bags and take with me... Yes what actually? On a camping vacation you want to be prepared for all eventualities. In this blog article we have written down the best gadgets for you.

LED Camping Lamp and USB Power Bank

Let the day end comfortably in a camping chair in front of your camper. Often the campsites are poorly lit and so the cozy evening in front of the camper becomes a dark affair. For this we have a camping gadget. Camping lights are best suited for this purpose. They're especially good when they can be charged via sunlight. Many of the camping lights can also be used as a USB power bank.
But with our campers you don't have to worry about camping lamps, because you'll find LED lamps from LEDLENSER in all campers.
Zwei Schlafsäcke auf einer Wiese mit Outdoor Camping Lampe.

Water bottle with filter

Water is a scarce commodity, especially when wild camping. And if you ever find a water source you don't quite trust, a water bottle with a filter can become your best friend. Water bottles with filters, like the Katadyn Be Free filters reliably filter out pathogens from the water. The water bottles are also approx. 100g light when unfilled and thus fit perfectly into any camping bag.
Frau beim Wandern sitz in der Hocke an einem Fluss und trinkt.

Wash your laundry on the go

On longer vacation trips, you should do your laundry every now and then. If you don't want to use generally available washing machines, you can use alternative camping gadgets like the Scrubba Wash Bag. You can use it to wash socks and underwear easily and without electricity.
Eine Frau steht im Fluss und wäscht ihre Wäsche mit einem Washbag.

Forest Gum

On long car rides, after a meal or just for in between. Your favorite companion is always the chewing gum box in our glove compartment. But did you know that conventional chewing gum contains the same synthetic substance as car tires? That sounds pretty disgusting, we think. What's more, the plastic in conventional chewing gum ends up in the environment sooner or later.
To protect the environment and to guarantee you only the best quality chewing gum, we manufacture Forest Gum produce plastic-free chewing gum. They use chicle, the sap of the pulp apple tree. This is sustainably sourced so it's good for you and good for the environment.
In our campers you'll find this seasons Forest Gums. So you can enjoy your vacation sustainably.
Verpackung eines Forest Gum Kaugummis in grün-pinken Design.


Walk across the campsite at night to quickly brush your teeth or go to the toilet. Often the paths of the campsites are not sufficiently illuminated and so it's always handy to have a headlamp with you so you can always see where you're going and can carry your toilet bag and towel in your hands.
Eine Person steht in der Nacht vor einem Zelt und leuchtet mit der Stirnlampe in den Nachhimmel.

Tensioning ropes

Tensioning ropes are your best friend on camping trips. They are real all-rounders and versatile. You can not only use them to fix your luggage for the trip, you can also use them as a clothesline. But they can also be used as a fixation for the kitchen roll. The tensioning rope really is a great camping gadget.
Ein rot-gelber Spanngummi vor weißem Hintergrund.


Off Guide

Did you know we have our own travel guide? The Off Guide. It creates individually planned routes for camping trips. These are tailored to your personal vacation ideas and include locations, campsites, activities and restaurants. For a road trip without the stress of vacations planning. P.S.: Your trip still remains flexible, because the Off Guide provides input without fixed bookings.

Cell phone screen with trip planner

Shower caps

Shower caps are also an underestimated camping gadget. You know what I'm talking about: You come back from a trip and your shoes are full of dirt and grime. Take them with you in the camper? Can't, because everything will get dirty. Leave them outside? Also a stupid idea, because it could rain or small animals could get into your shoes. Shower caps are the perfect solution. Simply put them over your shoes and you can take them inside without getting the camper dirty.
Zwei Personen springen in eine Pfütze.


Every decent camping trip includes at least a little relaxation. And where is the best place to unwind? That's right - in a cozy hammock.
This is where HÄNG comes into play. Since 2014, the outdoor startup has stood for ultralight gear and camping gadgets that make your time outdoors more enjoyable. The namesake Hammock weighs less than 850g, easily holds 200kg and is compact enough to fit into any backpack or camper. You can put it up in less than 60 seconds and you can start swinging and relaxing right away. The reclining surface is also big enough for at least two people.
By the way, if you're travelling with Off, you can book one of the super comfortable hammocks additionally for an extra charge of 2 euros per day. Happy swinging!
Zwei Frauen liegen bei Sonnenuntergang in einer Hängematte und blicken auf einen See.
With our favourite camping gadgets, your vacation is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Here you can also find our Packing List.

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