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Zwei Frauen beim Lesen an felsiger Küste
Zwei Frauen beim Lesen an felsiger Küste

All about Camping


Camping on New Year's Eve: Spend the New Year in a campervan

New Year's Eve-Camping - New Year's Eve at a campsite

October trip: The most beautiful campsites for autumn hikes

Camping tips for autumn hikes

Plansee Camping in Austria

Tips, campsites and everything you need to know!

Campsites in Czech Republic - Your perfect pitch

Recommendations for campsites in Czech Republic

Camping at Hopfensee in the Allgäu Alps

Top destination in Bavaria

Campsites in the South of France: Best Camping Spots

The most beautiful campsites in the South of France

Camping Schleswig Holstein - Wildcamping, Campsites & Co.

On the road in northern Germany

Camping with children - Our tips & recommendations

Child-friendly campsites

A CamperBoys van on a road in Tyrol from above.

Camping in Tyrol: Hiking, cycling & comfort at Gerhardhof

Comfort camping at the Gerhardhof

Wellness camping - pure relaxation

That's how it works

5-Star Camping – Relaxation at its highest level

Camping for connoisseurs

A woman inside a camper van is using the CamperBoys route service on her phone.

Road trip through Portugal - travel tips and Off Guide

Your individual trip

A person standing inside a CamperBoys van cooking while it is winter and there is snow outside.

Winter campsites - our favorites - Off

Our favorite winter campsites

Snowy road with a camper driving

Winter camping – our tips for a perfect holiday

That's how it works


Camping near the Moselle: campsites, sights & trips

What you should keep in mind

Colleagues are hugging at Octoberfest

Our top 5 campsites at the Oktoberfest in Munich

The best alternative to pricey hotels during the Wiesn

Our top 5 private pitches in Bavaria

Pitch search made easy


The most beautiful private camping sites near Stuttgart

Vineyards & nature

The most beautiful private camping sites near Munich

Mountain views & nature in southern Germany

Finding private campsites in Europe – The best apps

Our favorite apps to find private pitches

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